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need help $ rent, meds, therapy 

Again I need help and I’m sorry ;-; I’ve started therapy and need to pay for that and medication. I also still need to pay my rent but work isn’t scheduling me enough due to me being on school full time. I’m really stressed and could use help. I’m sorry to keep asking but I’m trying.

My rent is $350

Therapist visit and meds is about $60

CashApp: $GumbyRat

It’s really appreciated;~; 💚🐀


torture, kickstarter, neurotypicals, link, suicide mention, long 

Kickstarter is hosting a product that parents of neurdiverse children are supposed to stick on their child's back.

That device will then beep every 8 seconds which is supposed to help the child to focus.

As a neurodiverse person, I can tell you that this device would not only ruin every chance of me focusing on anything, being forced to wear it would make me kill myself. I am not exaggerating here.

This is one of the worst forms of torture aimed directly at neurodiverse people I could imagine.

Here's a petition to stop the sale of this:

I doubt the petition will do much but the campaign does explicitly break a rule on kickstarter banning the sale of medical devices so maybe reporting it (it is linked in the petition) might help.

art thread - lewdish but tender 

And it will be more like a song

art thread - tender affection 

that feeling, of having been so touch starved, you forgot it could feel good

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stop abuse of neurodiverse kids 

Stop Kickstarter from allowing child abuse of neurodiverse children



re: TX Pol 

Seriously though, fuck the governor and fuck Ted Cruz, the fucking yellow-bellied son of a bitch.

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TX Pol 

Reminder that Texan politicians and their houses are flammable.

reminder (not a subtoot) that not all boys use he/him pronouns

Hot synth porn 

Everything rearranged, just the audio cables missing now

(still) Need financial help, please boost 

I just added Strife to my ko-fi so you should be able to donate to me using your credit card now

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re: Capitalism, LastPass, YouTube Video 

Julayla : Keep a personal note to migrate to Bitwarden, Val. Don't forget.

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Capitalism, LastPass, YouTube Video 

Lastpass just shot themselves in the foot

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