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this might be my favorite debugging string I've ever seen in a video game...

Ugh... Stuck waiting for a three-and-a-half-hour-delayed flight... x.x

When I get home tomorrow I really really need to post something on Patreon about what I've been working on the past two months... .-.;;;

*is anxious*

I'll be visiting Seattle/Tacoma in three weeks for the first time... ^.^

I haven't gotten around to writing another Patreon post in a while, because I've been working on things that aren't finished yet... .w.;;;

I'm kind of changing my workflow for the IS2 translation a lot! and it involves rewriting a bunch of the disassembly I had so it's compatible with a different program... but hopefully it will be done soon and I can ... maybe... get working on adding new things again soon... .w.;;;

I kind of wish you could pin things like your follow requests column or your own user column... I don't exactly understand why you can't?

the last match took an hour and a half,,,, @///w///@

So, I, won a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas today,,, @///w///@


what if reality is both dream and wakingness at once,

and choosing to live within one or the other is what makes the one real and the other not?

There are two cuties snuggling in the car behind me ^w^ and @revenant are super adorable together πŸ’–


I can't wait to talk about these bugs I've been looking into in Itadaki Street 2, because some of them are very silly... Just have to find enough focus and mental energy that I can finish writing a post about them... .w.;;;

Spent a day or two this week figuring out what the Japanese bugfix hack for Itadaki Street 2 changed. Turns out there were some really obscure but very strange bugs in the game... .w.;;;

Oof, I found at least four bugs in IS2 last night. One of them is a softlock present in the original game... .w.;;;

nsfw language, math 

In today's "why is this code making the game crash" adventures, spot the bug:

... // Run code here

... It's doing things in the same order! How can this code be broken...? ^^;;;;;

(I have since fixed this bug. ^.^)

i just got a suuuper cute commission!

here's the artist's comm sheet:
they have a super cute style, good prices, and fast turnaround, so go check em out if you want :ms_ok_hand_paw:​

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