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The Cutting Room Floor's 10th birthday was yesterday! We made a small NES ROM to celebrate.

(I wrote music for it! ^///^ )


I might have broken my left small toe on Monday... ;_;

It hurts a lot if I touch or move it, and it was bruised really badly for the first day or two... but ... I don't know how to treat it, and I don't have health insurance, so I'm afraid of going to a clinic to get it treated...

It's depressing only seeing religious stickers on signs in Vegas. I want to live somewhere with better stickers, like the ones we saw with @KitRedgrave in Capitol Hill

Interesting... An earthquake just hit where I live, but I don't see any reports on it yet. o.o;;;
It wasn't too major, but it was absolutely noticeable and shook things around at our apartment...

I miss being part of a community here on Mastodon.

this might be my favorite debugging string I've ever seen in a video game...

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Ugh... Stuck waiting for a three-and-a-half-hour-delayed flight... x.x

When I get home tomorrow I really really need to post something on Patreon about what I've been working on the past two months... .-.;;;

*is anxious*

I'll be visiting Seattle/Tacoma in three weeks for the first time... ^.^

I haven't gotten around to writing another Patreon post in a while, because I've been working on things that aren't finished yet... .w.;;;

I'm kind of changing my workflow for the IS2 translation a lot! and it involves rewriting a bunch of the disassembly I had so it's compatible with a different program... but hopefully it will be done soon and I can ... maybe... get working on adding new things again soon... .w.;;;

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I kind of wish you could pin things like your follow requests column or your own user column... I don't exactly understand why you can't?

So, I, won a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas today,,, @///w///@


Bleh, apparently Twitter has completely changed its layout and now web twitter looks exactly like mobile twitter x.x;;;

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