Vehicular Joke (Slight NSFW) 

Being strapped down with a beach ball on my lap... might be a kink.

Oh my gosh my hearing aids added an equalizer! Very nice! ๐Ÿฟ๏ธ๐ŸŒบ

Disinfecting Cellphones (?) 

Oddly I found a guide on Kyocera's site on how to disinfect their phones and it involves running water. Certain Kyocera phones are water proof and durable, and I have actually washed my old cell phone with soap and water before.

Compared to 2019, electric in 2020 has been used significantly more. Especially in July/August/September when it has been so hot. At least in winter the heat has been used less because with electronics on and with me and my wife here all the time, we keep the place warm.

So staying home for 2020, but still do remember new family visits last year in 2019 visiting my wife's family (because like only time off I was able to get) and I just remember Ohio being SO FLAT and they had ALL THESE TRI-WINGS ON WHITE POLES STICKING OUT OF THE GROUND!!!

My brain is growing as I remember all the locations of my acorns... in my wife's purse, the washing machine, the cup on the top shelf we cannot reach, the shelf with the coffee filters on it, between the seat cushions, im my wife's makeup bag, behind the antenna, .... I REMEMBER!

My PowerMac boots right into the menu because I have four OSes and I have ADHD.

I got Chess on the ancient Mac! The floppy drive is going to need lubricant but I got it working after I freed it from seized up. These are just random assorted floppies.

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