I found this label on the portal to a secret level named "Not The Cow Level" which is full of cows. Never actually been to this specific version of it, so found it the most descriptive and avoiding label ever.

Well, did not know IntelliJ and such could search actual code fragments rather than just by plain text.

GitHub Codespaces project is called "cuddly space disco", sounds like a wonderful time!

GitHub has browser based VSCode that I happened to get into the Beta for!

If I forget to turn on captions when calls are incoming, phone does it for me!

I kind of accidentally recreated Celeste's dream sequence memorial dedication by mapping how text changes in a text file to MIDI notes and speeding it up a bunch. Also is accurate depiction of squirrel mind when programming. It reads three characters as a set of three notes. The initial note to start with is relative mapping with a basis of C to C3. Then for every new character, the note is shifted up/down according to the difference between two characters. English as music is chaos.

Saw chipmunk that lives in the backyard looking at the foraging squirrel, definitely keeping an eye on their nuts!

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