: Will be doing a bunch of SquirrelJME refactoring for a bit before I continue working on other parts of it!

: Implementing slowly the native assembly operations needed to run on Java SE for testing purposes! For getting tests to work out, had to do some more porting of the SquirrelJME testing framework so that it runs on Gradle. t.co/8H5P49ZFak

: Building out the new testing framework requires that the Assembly methods in SquirrelJME get implemented in C and linked in with JNI. There are 134 methods in total, including direct memory access! t.co/EaRvmLjNQj

: I added support for running SquirrelJME based tests (using TestNG), however the tests are only called "test" so still have to figure out how to do that. Also these tests are running on the host and I must figure out a way to implement the native callbacks. t.co/BYw2zV1P4R

: Ironically Aplix added Serialization into Java ME with JBlend. Java Serialization is a horrible mess because it seems to hacked together, Aplix's version of it is a bit more sane as it fits within the limitations of Java ME. pic.twitter.com/PXirBXAvRN

: Was running SummerCoat on SpringCoat on OpenJDK and it ended up crashing OpenJDK! t.co/SUOnawCksP

: The release date for 0.4.0 has been bumped up to February 7, 2020 this will help me make sure this release goes well! Thank you for your patience!

: Found a bug where the array comparison method for objects was failing if any two objects at the same position were equal. Was wondering why some very specific things were broken! Line 822 should have a NOT operator. t.co/INbvF9uagC

: Release of 0.4.0 moved up a week to January 1, 2020. The extra time will be important!

: Fixed a 10 month old bug where FieldReference.equals() did not compare the class name, so when the deduplication for references in the Native compiler would break if a class referred to two fields with the same name but in different classes.

: On the right track for loading the constant pool data because the method identity locators are working! t.co/hvQcn1FZcE

: The supervisor jumped into user mode and is executing the code in this method, however no part of the constant pool is loaded (it is just null) so it ends up trying to execute a null pointer which is of course not valid. At least I know that it enters user code! t.co/KN8N47UIih

: Starting basic work to get the logic down for entering the main logic of the program that we want to run. Right now it executes nowhere (0xFFFFFFFF) which causes a crash here. A bunch of pieces are missing but I will be going back and implementing them. t.co/GDZKhvi1n9

: I changed the system calls from 32-bit to 64-bit, since my plan is to reduce duplicated code with JVM Functions. This should make things easier to maintain with less duplicates code. Also slowly working on the bootstrap so hopefully I can get something soon.

: I fixed and implemented the required stuff needed to run SummerCoat from the Shaded JAR. As SummerCoat progresses and I feel it is stable enough I will switch the Shaded JAR to that engine as it should be far faster than SpringCoat.

: Worked on the class loader a bit today, currently in the process of loading the actual class information. The intermediate code and file format that I compile to makes this very easy and efficient! t.co/9iARXEUnno

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