I will be moving to @XerShadowTail , so follow there if the follows do not transfer at all!

I am considering moving primarily to @XerTheSquirrel@mastodon.online as friends and such are not exactly visible.

@gc It includes ones you have quote tweeted or replied to, so not every image is one you uploaded.

re: Game Screenshots 

@FreyaManibrandr Wow I definitely see the Diablo vibe in it! If I ever get around to it, I might check it out!

@FreyaManibrandr I have heard of it but do not really know what it is. For Diablo 3 I am one of the few players of it since... no DRM apart from Switch DRM and also full offline play.

I found this label on the portal to a secret level named "Not The Cow Level" which is full of cows. Never actually been to this specific version of it, so found it the most descriptive and avoiding label ever.

Talked with someone at work and turns out they also put the taskbar at the top of the screen like myself, we talked about how everyone just hates on it for no reason and points out their disgust whenever they see it.

@geekygirlsarah Have been on Mastodon for many years, but it is very gentle and relaxed generally. No doom and gloom constantly.

@gc I am reminded of the good old days of IRC as I sway back and forth in my rocking chair.

@gc Yeah, I prefer to have actual conversations with people even over short text posts. I am not really interested in seeing the same conversations and images I have zero interest in constantly popping up.

@gc Yeah I am finding that Cohost is not for me, just like Tumblr is not for me.

@gc Yeah, information overload and it is just memes, images, and CSS. I am preferring text based content.

US Politics and Voting, PA specific 

I am quite amazed at the number of Libertarian votes in PA across the entire state from 1.0% to 2.5%, completely did not expect that.

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