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: I was working on the access control branch but I decided I liked what I wrote in there was nice and a bit unrelated, so decided I am going to split off and merge that in. Then I can work on another branch!

: Merged the wip-midlevel branch, I was thinking of taking it further with more things but I decided that it would be best to just merge it now and not drag it out at all. So more work in a new branch!

: After fixing a teeny tiny issue, basically woke up this morning to every single test I have in SpringCoat passing! So this is very nice! Now to continue on!

: Yay all the CLDC Compact tests pass in SpringCoat now, so this is a rather good thing that shows progress!

: I decided to optimize the first two methods so that they are faster so I wonder if it would end up being faster?

: So after months of nothing... SpringCoat now can run stuff again, so very much yay!

: So @CircleCI 's workspaces feature is pretty nice, saves about 30 seconds which is not much at all but adds up in the long run. Is nice to see lots of UP-TO-DATE.

: I cherry picked from the abandoned branch and this was merged into trunk! Yay!

: The release of 0.4.0 is being pushed back to September 12, 2020 due to not having any time within the past 2-3 months to work on it. Hopefully, development will be getting back on track soon!

: One pain point while working on the cldc-compact module (java.lang, java.util, ...) is that it requires a recompile of every module because it is used everywhere.

: Apparently I never had native methods appearing on the profiler for SpringCoat. So this has been added and shows more details. I did the same with system calls which is not shown here.

: Started a base for a Docker container, more coming soon but will be able to run/test SquirrelJME.

: Big tip! Enable offline file synchronization in Windows if you are developing over a remote SMB share and using IntelliJ. Fixes a bunch of issues with the share going away temporarily.

: I was thinking of porting to J2ME as an aside, any kind of thoughts on it?

: I integrated Jasmin Sable into the Gradle build so that I no longer need to manually assemble the assembly files. Allows me to more easily write these tests since I am testing my VM at the byte code level.

: Will be doing a bunch of SquirrelJME refactoring for a bit before I continue working on other parts of it!

: Implementing slowly the native assembly operations needed to run on Java SE for testing purposes! For getting tests to work out, had to do some more porting of the SquirrelJME testing framework so that it runs on Gradle.

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