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They say Samsung Pay is superior but it only supports three of the nine cards I have, along with not supporting PayPal.

Seems like for Tusky I cannot upload images on this instance.

Oh wow it took a year for me to buy a new watch after it stopped working a year ago.

more wholesome coiling, suggestive 

two neurodivergent queer reptiles walk into a room

no braincells were had that day

Today I was told I was Hard of Healing, as an error, so I rolled with it saying: Of course I am, I am a DPS.

It is a pretty nice and cool day here in Pittsburgh, at least when it is cloudy I do not have as much trouble seeing. Although there is a freeze warning, but is only going to last two nights.

Blood donation qualms (-) 

I would assume LGBTQ+ people would be able to donate blood if it meant keeping starving vampires at bay from sucking the blood of others. But right now it is like "No, we do not want you to help people". I am A- which is 2% of the world, and I can donate to AB- which is 0.4%.

Minecraft character, take two! (eye contact) 

I redid after character was not saved, but fruity punk goth butchy demon orc girl.

Minecraft character, eye contact 

I made a butchy demon orc in Minecraft.

*spills rodents all over your timeline* Ohh, oopsie! I dropped all these rodents!

Company adding cryptocurrency for its 401k retirement plans (???) 

Uhh, Fidelity is adding the ability to use BTC to 401ks. There is really no long-term anything about BTC, you get no dividends/interest and it strictly follows a buy/sell. Is Fidelity going to like run a bunch of trading bots to by low and sell high or just peg?

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