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The GameCube is really a GameRectangularCuboid, be sure to refer to it by the correct name.

You know your work computer thinks it is going places when everything is in Dutch and it shows the weather in Zaventem, Vlaanderen which is currently a comfortable 18C although the 50% humidity is a bit too high for me.

I am finding that people find SquirrelJME way more interesting than what I get paid to do.

Had a dream that my credit card got stolen but it had a 200 USD credit limit and the thief was asking me if I could ask for a credit limit increase so that they could buy a fancy TV.

Thinking about the M2 MacBook Pro 13" but it would be a downgrade for features I use: no touch-screen, no pen input, no WWAN, and cannot turn into tablet. I suppose the MacBook Pro really needs to be more like a ThinkPad. I do not want an iPad.

Good thing I never actually bought a MacBook, just going to wait for M2.

So tomorrow Minecraft 1.19 comes out and the day after I get my dividends from stock. Two days of events!

Transitioning == Best thing ever that happened to me in my life.

So rent where I used to live is now higher than the mortgage where I live now, so moved out just in time.

Gosh I feel a weird good feeling since surgery and it is a new feeling. Dopamine!

Who makes buttoned plaid collared women's short sleeve shirts?? I need a specific style and Dickies no longer sells these.

I think one thing with autism is that I have some very weird fascinations/obessions that are probably awkward albiet nothing dangerous or bad per se. Just like my brain sees it and I drop everything going "fascinating!".

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