We need a mastodon instance for deer on cervid.ae

I got the physical watercolour in the mail today so in the frame it went.

(commissioned from @nventous)

one of the best things about my masto experience has been the kind of neighbourliness that comes in small instances :greatcat: 🌷

i'm a little kitten, small and cute 🎶
here are my paw beans, here is my snoot 🎶

It's interesting to see the differences in commercials that air on antenna tv versus pay cable tv.
The antenna commercials generally seem less awful and less intrusive? However this also may be differences in the channels that I watch between the two.

Technology is amazing and has helped me immensely and I hate it.

I kinda wish I could easily set my ios email notification sound to "You've got mail" but i don't feel like jailbreaking it.

Hey friends, I have an important life update:

This is what it looks like when my four kitties see a bug outside.

I think tomorrow I'm going to have some tea and a nice relaxing day even if it isn't supposed to rain. Which means i'll likely be buried under a purring cat while attempting to read.

Thanks to antenna tv and the comet channel we have discovered the enjoyable tv series that is Andromeda. It reminds us of a little mixture of Firefly and Star Trek and so far through a few random episodes seems to hit some enjoyable notes.

my commissions, macro, pride, flannel 

A flannel giant commission from @minidragonart@birdsite, along with a more prideful version! While this wasn't ready in time for Pride month, (nearest city) Pride is literally today, so the timing worked out in the end!

You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! castling.club/ 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

Fictional Baseball (Sports) 

I probably shouldn't be laying in bed and dreaming up ideas for a fictional baseball league in my video game that I play (OOTP 19) but here I am. I think I might make a major league for each continent if the association setup can handle it. Though the Hall of Fame issue is still present when a player plays in multiple leagues, which may mean manual inductions or no hall at all.

a decade ago we had actual forums for that kinda stuff and I still feel a lot more at home in those

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