Let's talk about another awoospace feature! On the default glitch-soc flavor, when you type in a CW you'll notice that the character limit disappears. This means you can type as long as you want (within technical limits) without needing to make multiple posts

hey, @noiob just fixed a thing with the custom language pack we have set up, so here's a quick reminder that you can change your language to English (Awoo!) in the settings for custom notification messages!

2.9.2 adds the new single-column interface and new filtering options in the glitch-soc options popover

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It took quite a while but Awoo now finally has a vector favicon for Safari pinned tabs! Since it has to be a monochrome icon I decided to go with the dark background color, which hopefully has enough contrast in both dark and light themes, and looks very nice on the touchbar as well if you're viewing your favorites

To make it load you have to unpin the tab, close Safari, delete the icon from ~/Library/Safari/Template Icons, relaunch Safari and reload the page (Alt+Command+R)

Awoospace announcement 

Starting now there's two ways to get an account on awoo.space:

If you have an existing account on the fediverse and want an alt or a new main here, you can just fill out the form on the start page. Remember to fill out the "Why do you want to join?" part so we can approve your application.

If you don't have an existing account on the fediverse, you can have an active member of the community direct mesage an admin or moderator. This is basically the old "get a friend to vouch for you" way, so people can recommend awoo to friends who make their first account in the fediverse.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have! We hope that this new system will make it easier for people to sign up to awoo with us :janiawoo:​!

We're now on glitch-soc version 2.7! You'll now be able to add more hashtags to pinned hashtag searches, and there's a neat new bar for quickly managing notifications! Click the column settings to turn it off/on or switch to all categories!

Like typing a lot? Now you don't have to thread anything on awoo anymore! If you use a CW you can notice the limit turning into an infinity sign. It's still limited to about sixteen thousand characters for technical reasons though

Hey awooers! You probably noticed the update earlier, sorry for the downtime, the computer wasn't cooperating. Anyways I just wanted to tell y'all to check out the glitchsoc settings popover ("App settings"/ the three gears) for a bunch of handy new settings!

Okay, the update is done! You just need to reload the page now. Don't really know what has changed but we now have an A+ SSL rating, I'm sure that's good?

awoooo! :janiawoo:


crom really needs to fix that what the heck awoo.space/media/YxAypUUVQP-t4

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Hi awoofriends!!! We're inviting more neighbors into our network!!! First we got a couple of single-user instances!!!!

tooting.intensifi.es is run by @dolfsquare​!!!! !!!!!!!!! WHY IS MY AWOO BUTTON A TOOT HANG ON YOUR TOOTS HAVE AFFECTED ME awoo.space/media/MLGWJMVs9ki8D

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