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Quick PSA for other instances: supports html formatting so if you're on mainline or a fork that doesn't support html* formatting you might not see all the information in a toot. Click on the date (or open the toot in a browser if you're using an app) to see it on our server

*this should be italics

Hi! Just gonna announce some new fedifriends in a fast manner. I'll do a quick toot for each to avoid mass-mentions. Please join me in a very welcoming awoo :janiawoo:

We no longer have reason to believe that the mod team isn't doing its job, so the silence has been lifted

We're sticking with the silence on That means you won't see any notifications from there unless you follow the person it comes from.

Remember that all silenced instances (two right now) are marked in the allowlist on

Also you can always report anything you want the mod team to see (though you should just @ noiob for the good shark content)

PSA: Went ahead and silenced, since the mod team seems to be proud of not moderating their instance. Will probably move to a block if the situation doesn't change.

sorry awoo, I forgot to restart the hecking backend, watch as the rest of the fediverse starts existing again

minor update

  • fixes the bug where private-toots were being boosted to the wrong audience
  • we have rich text support now, turn writing it on in the settings ( and add a quick selector from the glitchsoc popover settings menu if you want

Sorry for the downtime! There was a problem with the server that was out of our control. It'll take a while until the instance catches up with the rest of the fediverse

Awoospace announcement 

What features, you ask?
- polls! polls!
- profiles now look the same in the webapp and on the public page
- you can now pin hashtags on your profile, and those will show up in the directory if you're opted into that (
- new landing page (work in progress)
- new UI for managing your network at
- you now have to opt into disclosing what app you use to toot
- probably more

Awoo! :janiawoo:

We updated! Please reload the site to enjoy all the Mastodon 2.8+glitch features

okay awoo seems to be back up, sorry for the downtime

new emojos! 

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Jani - 家内 [jia nei]'s choices:

Awoo Space is a Mastodon instance where members can rely on a team of moderators to help resolve conflict, and limits federation with other instances using a specific access list to minimize abuse.

While mature content is allowed here, we strongly believe in being able to choose to engage with content on your own terms, so please make sure to put mature and potentially sensitive content behind the CW feature with enough description that people know what it's about.

Before signing up, please read our community guidelines. While it's a very broad swath of topics it covers, please do your best! We believe that as long as you're putting forth genuine effort to limit harm you might cause – even if you haven't read the document – you'll be okay!