Ah, the wonder of American Conservatives asking Irish-British people if they condone vandalising Churchill statues.

Now might be the right time for those of you with dormant Twitter accounts, to go do a check up and prune of which accounts there you were following.

tw: Dave Sim 

Today I discovered that Dave Sim has a website and a twitter account that are labeled as 'unofficial fan sites' that are run by some un-named fan. Who just happen to have all of Sim's original art to scan, and run columns from him when ever he wants them to.

And also that this account will reply to criticism of Dave Sim on Twitter, retweeting those replies. But it's just an unofficial fan site, so that's okay.

She-ra relationships 

One thing I find very satisfying about the relationship between Adora and Catra is that Adora was never an enabler for Catra's bullshit. And it had to be Catra who changed her toxic behaviour to have the relationship she wanted, not Adora.

Now that "Dispatches from Elsewhere" has completed it's season, I can whole heartedly recommend adding it to your must-watch lists.

By the way, if anyone is upgrading their computer in the near future, I'm looking for an upgrade. Right now I've got a AMD FX-6300, a CPU released in 2012, and an NVIDIA 750ti, a card from 2014. If anyone can help please poke me.

I've found a youtube channel that consists entirely of a Norwegian Train Driver taking real-time cab-view video of her train routes. And it is the best thing ever. youtube.com/watch?v=ygjw-n1bOn

According to the current "Which fictional character are you?!" test going around, I'm tied in similarity between Bruce Banner and Willow Rosenberg. And I'd say that's fair.

Do any of the people who keep bringing back the rumour that Apple is about to transition from x64 to AArch64, ever have an answer for how they make a new x64->AArch64 Roseta without an Intel licence for it.

Rambling about writing and where "Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" failed. 

I think the fundamental flaw of "Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet" is the Pilot was written without any understanding of how AAA Game Development works, and has thus stuck them with this 'rag tag crew' that makes no sense and can't ever be a reflection of reality.

Two of the characters are QA testers who *work in the same office*! In the real world, QA testers wouldn't be in the same building, let alone ever be able to talk to the Creative Director. It's also clear that the writer didn't know a QA's job isn't just to sit and play the game.

Now, this is "just a show", but the problem is it's meant to be a comedy reflection of how games are made. Which falls flat if you don't have some basis to relate on and clear understanding of what you are mocking.

Compare and contrast - Sports Night - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. One has a rooted sense that the writers understood how sports news production works. The other did not really understand how a weekly live sketch comedy show works, and was unanchored.

There is nothing wrong with this room. The person who buys this room is in no danger. It is a perfectly ordinary room. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-camb

Ontologically speaking, Smurfs may well be groups of blue men, but they are not the same thing as Blue Men Groups.

Do you ever think that if 'My Mother the Car' had been first broadcast after the Internet was a thing, there's be Carsonas and Carthromorph conventions?

I just want to know how sad lizard was recruited into the MI6 Sniper training program.

It makes me sad that more people have not seen At Home With Amy Sedaris.

Ordering a vegan-chikin-sandwich because I might not be able to do much to make the world better today, but at least I can spite Piers Morgan.

Can I coin the phrase 'Broducers' for the Privileged White Males who somehow get a successful Franchise property, and are then allowed drive it into the ground because they think they have more writing ability than they do.

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