Very kind of Microsoft to add a headpats button in the latest Teams update for all the good catgirls and catboys on the call.

I was recently going around shoring up passwords and updating details on older accounts (good security, folks!) and came upon my Photobucket account from 2005–2008.

Behold some of the wonders past Kim decided were worth keeping.

input[type=date] is finally landing in macOS Safari. 👀️

The placeholder copy defaults to the current date, which seems a bit of a UX snafu; user might assume the input has a value.

Listening to “What’s Up Danger” and getting a perfectly timed “Can’t stop me now” drop just as I fix this bug after like two hours of messing with it.

I figured since I’m probably going to be working from home for another million months that I should upgrade from the flimsy IKEA desk I had… to a more expensive IKEA desk.

This one has CUP HOLDERS!!

Only the most important notifications on MY Apple Watch.

Ah yeah, just in case you don’t speak English, here’s the same thing translated into American.

Expressing my opinions via memes because I’m a millennial.

Stopped using Spotify a few months ago, so not a complete dataset, but motherfuckin’ MUSICALS, am I right?

While stalking it on FlightRadar24 I also noticed this Airbus from Cote d'Ivoire recently landed in Bristol. TU-TST. Seems like it's stopping off on its way to long-term storage (probably in a desert somewhere).

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I spent a bunch of time lately staring at presidential election maps so I figured I'd try and label every state from memory for funsies. How'd I do?

(I'm not American and have no formal education on US geography on this plz don't laugh.)

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