Gonna become a Twitch streamer just so I have an excuse to design a stream overlay and get a funky animated avatar.

Very kind of Microsoft to add a headpats button in the latest Teams update for all the good catgirls and catboys on the call.

Like Kim tweets? Want more Kim tweets? I have another account over at @kimtimate which you can totally follow if I like you.

I was recently going around shoring up passwords and updating details on older accounts (good security, folks!) and came upon my Photobucket account from 2005–2008.

Behold some of the wonders past Kim decided were worth keeping.

Kim‽ booped

Idea: Nerdcore noisepop parody album by100 geeks.

Sorry, that should be current chairman of the Parliament of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, Lembit Öpik.

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A week ago I changed my Twitter banner to be a parody cereal based on former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Öpik and I don't think anyone noticed.

Why did Nasa call it the “seven minutes of terror” and not the “A.T. field”?

This is a real neat video about how bats have awesomely unique immune systems that stop them getting sick easily.

Also the bat in it is a lil cutie.


As they leave Deep Space 9 behind and start on Voyager, now is probably the best time for me to plug my favourite pod in the galaxy, @GreatestTrek.

Check it out if you're a fan of Star Trek and/or stupid bits. maximumfun.org/podcasts/greate

57 vote guilty (seven of which were Republicans), 43 not guilty. A majority, but not enough to secure a conviction under impeachment rules.

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@ripp_ I figured, but always a good idea to check just in case, innit

What if, instead of calling snow leopards "sneps" we called them...


input[type=date] is finally landing in macOS Safari. 👀️

The placeholder copy defaults to the current date, which seems a bit of a UX snafu; user might assume the input has a value.

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