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So since is real popular rn I should note I am in fact developing a set of FPS oriented node libraries in GDScript with an eye toward ease of use/modding/maintenance. I'll post them once I clean them up a bit

I'm not a devout Linux person but windows definitely is malware by the definition that it deceptively does stuff you don't want it to.
I've seen people trying to flip that around on Linux, not because of any attribute it has but because the ratfuck scum in charge of most popular software used on windows don't bother supporting Linux.
I get where you're coming from but the comparison is fundamentally flawed

I hope the nice folk at blender are working on some improvements to baking
it's a feature for which there is both a big shiny button but everything else about it feels like trying to make an item duplication trick work in an RPG

So what effect are superconductors gonna have on energy storage?

the epic games store client crashes more on windows in 2023 than steam did on mac in 2010

Jimmy McGill assumes the identity of Saul Goodman in his quest for revenge against the corrupt Hamlin family. Find out what happens next in the final installment of Legal Suit Goodman

leafing through the premium rate ringtones and south park wallpapers in the back pages of Unofficial Playstation Magazine to find anyone who can install the fabled sex positivity modchip into my apple facehugger

I watched a reviewbrah/TheReportOfTheWeek video for the first time and I think this man is a type of creature to me (positive)

my two remaining braincells when the chocobo theme comes on: :blobuwu:

It's long since become irrelevant to me and it's about a decade late, but if I wanted to i could, with a great deal of effort/money and under specific circumstances, pass as cis. 75% of the people who know me irl would still misgender me.

CW: epilepsy warning. In-development game footage 

made the visuals just about work the way I wanted (pretty crunchy though). It takes bullet drop into account, but can't deal with moving targets yet.

As an occasional hard sci-fi artist, the most exciting thing about fusion in the short term is I know how the reactors look now cheapish particles with what looks enough like physics that im not bothered. i need everything in my game to explode and rigidbodies are too slow for that

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