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"Shit" "Post" 

I'm fourth-dimensionally non-binary. It only looks like I'm female in profile shots that don't capture the evolutionary history of self in the frame.

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"The tables have turned, Professor. The gender is about to become the gended."

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Writing, Podcast 

My friend Ocean Tigrox, the podcaster behind Fangs and Fonts, was one of the writers at RAWR this year, so naturally he ended up recording a podcast at the retreat. Two, in fact: one before, one after. You should check 'em out, 'cause I'm in 'em, as well as five other really awesome authors:

Shout-out to my classmates Ocean, T.J. Minde, Significant Otter, Ryft Sarri, and NightEyes DaySpring!

A reminder for all who haven't followed me in the new location, this account is defunct and will not be updated except for future notices reminding people that this account is defunct.

The new account is @orrery. Please consider migrating your follow in case you haven't already. That said, I'm presently in emotional lockdown, so follower requests may take some time to process.

... temporarily using this account as seems to be having problems. Don't expect long-term engagement here. If you were wondering why I went quiet, take a look at @orrery, but do it when that system seems to be working.

Okay, bird. You're just emailing your postfurry theory links to your therapist.

There's nothing odd about this. Deep breaths. It's an assignment, a followthrough task on your deconstructive analysis. You can do this.

No need to panic.

I hate when reminders turn out to have been warnings.

Then I have to feel dumb twice.

The plants have won.

I am going home sick.

Sudafed and Dayquil are in my future. Possibly a nap.

Bodies, Plants 

So, I can confirm -- I think -- that the weed is not the cause of my current suffering. Last night i didn't have any and this morning my cough is worse, and now there's a headache to go with it and the sinus pressure.

One of my coworkers says there's a "summer cold" going around. If so, I probably have it. Be warned. UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN! Sand baths and mitespray for everyone.


At this point, the only reason I think my chronic cough is allergies and not excessive bonghits is that last night I didn't smoke anything and I still didn't really get any sleep because the cough and sinus pressure kept me up most of the night.

TFW you want your own service instance for Reasons but don't want to be an admin.

MH (÷) 

No experiment is a failure if it yields data.
This experiment has yielded data, and is therefore successful, even if the conclusion disproves the hypothesis.

The experiment may now be brought to a reasonable conclusion.

... depression is opening the financial tracking spreadsheet and seeing that the last update is from the week after the home repairs started.

Crude, Body "Humor" (Don't say I didn't warn you.) 

... my SRS wasn't twelve years ago.

It was sixteen. March 3, 2002.

In two more years, my vag will be old enough to drink. I'm surprised I haven't caught it trying to surf FA and Porn Tumblr while it thought I wasn't looking. It must be terribly confused by all the changes happening right now. The feathers, the squawking.

Maybe we need to have a nice long talk about what's going on, so it knows I still love it regardless.

I wish I would stop getting told to read homestuck

I have reworded the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Pray I do not reword them further.

*Civil War-era violin music begins to play*

My dearest Lulabelle,

Beloved, it is with a heavy heart that I write to you from the battlefield to tell you that we have updated the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy...

Gender: Not Even Once 

Is "triggering each other's depression" the trans version of menstrual cycles syncing up?

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