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starting to get really stressed,

i havent heard back from social services (theyre helping me find work) and one of the places i submitted my resume to

i need help this month covering my bills:

there is a breakdown of the bills on my kofi for the sake of transparency

thank you! :boost_ok:

alternatively: you can commission me to get something out of your donation

not sure about the back-breaking pose considering the original art it's based on looks a lot more reasonable, but hey, it's a Joanna Dark figurine based on the original game's design

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inverse kinematics is one of those things that are not that hard but still looks like fucking magic

iPad OS 15 feels like it really could've used some more time in the oven

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people complained about the casting of Claire but Kaya Scodelario actually matches Claire's energy so well in this

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like, the Anderson/Jovovich movies are fun, and have competently shot action with cool setpieces but I love to see a more faithful adaptation

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hot dang the new Resident Evil movie trailer looks competent? Like, these people have probably actually looked at the games?

ohhh mufo means mutual follow not mutherfocker

PC Building Simulator is free on Epic, so that everyone can experience what it'd be like to be able to buy a GPU

Firefox, privacy, ads, instructions for disabling 

New ads system in Firefox: /

image shows the bottom of the "Privacy and Security" section of Settings, the "Address Bar - Firefox Suggest" header. At the bottom is "Contextual suggestions" and "Include occasional sponsored suggestions", both of which are checked by default in Firefox 92+ for - according to - a limited subset of US users.

I wish iOS a very global back button/shortcut
like seriously that's the one thing I really miss now that I've tasted the forbidden fruit (which, ironically, is Android)

tldw: Linus and Luke are gonna both switch to Linux on their private PCs, especially for gaming, and see how long they'll last

it sounds like it could result in some really cool videos and I hope they'll have fun

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steam deck, right to repair 

Valve has put out a new video showing a teardown of their new Steam Deck console. The thumbnail literally says "You shouldn't do any of this." The video itself explains the (perfectly valid) reasons why, but also shows how to do it properly if you're gonna do it anyway. They also mention that you can buy replacement parts directly from Valve.

This is honestly a really great stance for a hardware manufacturer to take on the Right to Repair movement. WARN, don't restrict.

See, Apple? Is that so hard?

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