PSA: Mario 35 is playable with the SNES/NES Online controller if you don't need manual targeting. You can remap run/jump to B/A, L starts the item roulette and R switches between the auto-targeting modes

Oh yeah, update: I didn't conserve ammo and health items well enough to survive the final boss of Resident Evil:Survivor. You really need all the firepower you can get for that one. Spent all my remaining three continues and I swear I got super close to finishing it off on the last one but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Next time I'll mean business!

Hey let's do a poll!

Shadow of the Colossus is…

Finally finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Still got a lot of Sidequests to do (and those seem to be the best parts of the game), but I also found the story quite enjoyable

and some more! I wish screenshots would automatically render on higher graphics settings though, since this game does light and shadow so extremely well, but that obvs eats graphics performance

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I couldn't manage to clear this room for some reason, until I got this enemy stuck on the left :D

and here's the end! I'd link my friend's social media but he doesn't have any, still trying to convince him to join

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