re: sports, trans people and sex segregation 

@susannah it's important to note that sex segregation in sports started because women started joining professional sports and beating men

re: recommendations for rice cooker 

@jollysea I have a really simple one that just works with a magnet and I gotta say it does the job and it's all I need. I've made bulgur in it once but basically all things that you cook like rice (until all the water is gone) work.

I can't recommend the model because I got it third hand and I think it's from vietnam

my two remaining braincells when the chocobo theme comes on: :blobuwu:

@uliwitness "de spar" is also an acronym („Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig“, "All Benefit from Joint Co-operation Regularly")

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any really good Splatoon 3 Salmon Run players follow me here?

I was gonna keep my PS4 offline until a new exploit released but there's no way to get Beat Saber physical I don't think :/

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someone nearby is selling a psvr (v2) set with two controllers for 120€, camera and all, and I'm mighty tempted

@unascribed some sort of json query language, we could call it jquery

@Jo that name is way too good to not use it

@onfy well, I do know about the part with the boarding schools but I didn't learn that in school

@onfy 's not like I know much about Canadian history

@onfy sure, there was plenty of destruction, especially in cities and heavy industry, but the country didn't start from zero lol

@onfy German industrial standards are actually a product of WWI

@onfy uhhh, most things did, post-war germany had better things to do than redesign their industrial standards

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