also there's tons of catboy Jerma art now so that's great

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Jerma's pauses showing fanart is such a good idea

every time I see the EVA funko pops I take 10 points of psychic damage

shork booped

if your cat often bothers you at your computer and walks all over your keyboard, it's because they're trying to join you and do what you're doing. It's a sign of affection! One way to mitigate disruption without pushing away your cat is by buying your cat their own laptop and plugging it in next to yours. make sure the laptop has wifi, a VPN, and access to the darkweb

@monorail @fillertrack you can slow down the timer if you plug in a second controller and make it overheat

@Felthry well in that case I dislike continuous motion, though it's needed sometimes, for example in wire-synchronized clocks
the second hand moves slightly too fast so it can wait for the sync signal on 0

@Felthry I have a Casio digital watch with analog hands that moves the minute hand in 20-second increments, tbh that's enough to not really notice that it's not continuous

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