@socks idk I've played some very funny video games, Goose Game comes to mind

@socks Portal is good but it's certainly not the apex of comedy

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@halcy hรคtte man wรคhrend Corona mal รผber aktuelle Notwendigkeit hinaus investiert, stattdessen gibt's jetzt halt paar mehr iPads in Schulen aber geรคndert hat sich nix

re: depol 

@halcy Staatsschulden sind halt auch einfach nicht das gleiche wie Schulden von Privatmenschen, das sind ja alles Investitionen

Happy 20th Anniversary to Windows XP! On this special occasion, we can catch Flynn (@/SBBsuechtig on Twitter) giving Rover (aka Fredo in German releases) some well deserved pets!

I know, it's my own fault for using an Apple service on Linux

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music.apple.com I swear I have fast internet you don't have to send me the low bitrate version

@pup_hime how did they make a worse version of a game they already sold

@outie yeah, my first reaction was "oh that seems handy"

@wxcafe if anything you put in this bag doesn't get you off I will demand it back

@wxcafe you want a regular bag? get out of here with that weird shit

@wxcafe you should answer "sorry I can only make fetish items"

happy 25th anniversary to Tomb Raider (on the Playstation)

@0x33 imo video for illustration purposes can be helpful but I'd rather have a short clip as an illustration in addition to text

@wxcafe I'm guessing they're translating directly from Japanese

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