@fillertrack I wonder if there was a measurable uptick in people searching for Minidiscs on Yahoo Auctions after the Techmoan Minidisc lot video

@fillertrack ah heck I meant Techmoan

LGR did one about data storage on Minidisc though youtu.be/CzwtCBj5jEs

@fillertrack btw it's funny to me that I recognize a lot of those from LGR's video

@fillertrack it'd be dope to have a non-recording Minidisc machine but I'm worried about international shipping

@fillertrack I mean they could do that trivially by making the numbers higher but I doubt these people want that much power creep

being more specific and probably overly explainey 

@ctrlaltdog the GFCI blowing means you got current leaking somewhere (not the same amount travels in as travels out), that's potentially very dangerous

might just be a device on that circuit being broken (be careful), or your GFCI is broken

@ctrlaltdog god for a second I was very confused because y'know, rust the programming language

also, cargo nyoom

@wxcafe then again, what would a shithead with a fucked up sense of justice do with that power?

@monorail @wxcafe that would be a different story, but also interesting

@wxcafe I'd argue that it wouldn't have to be super different if genderbent Misa is a himbo

@wxcafe I wonder how the Misa/ Light relationship would seem different

@Felthry doesn't the NES run at slightly below 60fps or sth

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