@sjolsen I mean they kind of are but for some reasons configurations need to be deployed by the manufacturer so many phones only do 5G non-standalone (LTE with an extra 5G data carrier when needed)

@sjolsen and VoNR isn't even properly supported yet

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Ich möchte mir eine Dashcam für das Fahrrad zulegen. Habt ihr Tipps für gute Geräte, insbesondere auch die Qualität der Software, flow in der Anwendung? #mastobikes

@violet Windows's international layout puts ä on q, ü on y and ö on p and it's weirdddd

@violet I just use US international (it puts a ¨ deadkey on u and ß on s on the AltGr layer)

@ChocoMintPuppy oh sick, I have one of their low-profiles for work and I like it a lot, it sounds so good!

@elilla could be worse, at least it's dense apartments… though I'm also not a fan of those boxy houses

@onfy eh, these promos are always kinda local unfortunately

anyone in the US wanna get 40 bottles of mountain dew from me plus postage in exchange for sending me the shark with legs?

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why is the FFXIV Mountain Dew collab not in Europe 😢

@NafiTheBear it has been autofilling (very easy) stuff with good accuracy so far, but I'll see how it goes
I like the idea too!

wait, Jetbrains has fully local neural network auto-completion now? I was wondering why it kept recommending really smart things

I am the biggest "AI" sceptic but this has been kinda like smarter autocomplete for parameters and such, and it seems to be tuned to be less eager so it doesn't get in the way.

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