hey all. i'm thinking about working on an article about being a hacker while trans. i'm thinking about things like acceptance in spaces, old projects that deadname us, stigmas, visibility or *wanting* not to be visible.

my ideas are still a little scatterbrained but i want to see what i could write into a concise article about this and i want your ideas and input. i don't want my voice to be the only one in it. :boost_ok:

honestly fossbros should just let furries create the mascots by default, remember the libreoffice mascot contest disaster?

FOSS AU where the Linux mascot is the fox girl and Mozilla stuck with the dinosaur/dragon

Wait... the original Linux mascot was actually almost a dang fox furry instead of that awful penguin? Why the hell did they choose the penguin then?

(... oh right, normal people feel uncontrollably icky about most actually-cool ideas)

I just found out that federation with subdomains (so anything that has more than one dot in the URL, i.e. example_instance.masto.host) has been broken since the 3.0 update. Sorry for only noticing it now but it has been fixed -noiob

@ticky a year ago someone on reddit wrote that it works, and from what I know about the dock's pinout there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible old.reddit.com/r/PSP/comments/

Mastodon is great software because federation with a number of instances can be just straight up broken and it will not complain anywhere

in other news I finally finished Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and uh yeah it's an okay co-op twin-stick shooter

it does allow me to use the SC as a mouse on my phone so that's extremely not useful

actually the only thing that's really useful about it that it finally made Valve implement the Bluetooth mode for the SC

ah right, Steam remote play exists and it works quite well, so I can play games on my tiny phone screen in the one room my apartment has

…I guess I could play on the toilet but that's not healthy

Is there an artist or illustrator who’s able to make me an avatar? Recommendations and boosts appreciated. Thanks

@halcy I wonder if it'd be possible if I knew someone who lived in Shanghai

@halcy I'm pretty sure you're not serious but I'm pretty sure that's not a thing you can do

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