@SoniEx2 that has never happened here, even when we got a lot of reports it never was too much to handle

remember that I manually vet every instance we federate with

I don't remember whether I've made this joke already this winter but ugh I wish this apartment had better isolation and no metal windowframes

mh?? shitpost??? 

@cypnk Pfifferling! One of the few mushrooms I've actually collected myself :D

shork :palmpre: booped

Yall I LOVE speedruns of terrible games. If next gdq consists entirely of the awful block I'll donate everything i have

@pup_hime @SuricrasiaOnline Myst works just as well, maybe better, in realtime 3D, though

@ctrlaltdog it's always been shit so I guess they're just giving up on it

shork :palmpre: booped

@Jo there's a reason or two this thing didn't catch on

@Jo the default view is stretched to fit the screen, I can also turn it on its side

this isn't actually N-Gage specific, it's just the Symbian version of Doom

@EeveeEuphoria yeah I have the entire library here
it's about 800 megabytes or 2.2GB if you want all versions and pre-release stuff and demos

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