@monorail yeah, every now and then I play a round of endless Tetris

shork booped

this project is on hold but look at my lemon shark, great white and terrible dolphin!

re: mkwii 

@monorail oh, I didn't know there was a shortcut there

re: mkwii 

@monorail wait there's an actual timing for that

@chosafine idk how it is for the US but they've started doing them again more regularly this year

shork booped

I think it's interesting how text communication has shifted since nobody pays per message anymore and they're always displayed in a threaded view,
so you can split stuff into multiple messages as a rhetorical device

twi's pc woes 

@zoe Dell tech support sounds like fun, judging from the recent LTT series :/

shork booped

why do they call them chickens when you chick in the warm egg chick out fluffy pet the bird

shork booped

faraday router cage is the most genius scam. its like selling glasses that protect your eyes from computer screens that are just completely opaque

re: selfies, eye contact 

@MochiWaifu wow… cute

shork booped
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