Bitte um Empfehlung zu Kopfhörern. 

@JoanTrash Die Superlux HD-681 Evo sind halboffen und angenehm zu tragen, und klingen für den Preis echt super

@pup_hime ngl I'm the kinda nerd who thinks that's impressive

@pup_hime I can't even remember merlwyb's last name

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$26.08/$1950 raised

Have no food and desperately need to buy some

I got home from the hospital last night after they agreed to pay for the rental of the bed for 2 weeks. We are currently in the middle of moving the little bit of stuff we have into the apartment. We need money for:
- Food (#1 priority, $250 to get stocked for grandmas visit)
- Rent (#2 priority, $1450 due on the 1st)
-Phones (#3, $250 due)

PayPal (please send as friends/family transaction):

@codl I mean you're absolutely right, I should put at least a short bio and some links to projects there

I tried for like half an hour to make the Steam Deck's network manager connect to my wireguard, gave up and used wg-quick and it worked immediately

@jacqueline I don't trust JavaScript to do math correctly

re: photography, I don't like post opinion 

@elilla the K7 supposedly has a HDMI output. Dunno if it's clean but a little of camera UI won't hurt too much on a microscope feed, I suppose

re: photography, I don't like post opinion 

@elilla @porsupah eh, you get a lot more light and less noice on a real camera so the camera doesn't have to do that much heavy lifting, and you can do a lot with in-camera settings as well

re: photography, I don't like post opinion 

@elilla @porsupah cameras spit out pretty good jpegs these days

re: photography question for photographers 

@elilla tbh I just put "<lens name> review" into duckduckgo and look over the first few results. I haven't been camera-ing long enough to have a preference

re: photography question for photographers 

@elilla also re: lenses you can find a lot of very good reviews for every single lens online, complete with high-res sample images and comparisons to others, it's really nice

re: photography question for photographers 

@elilla one thing I can tell you is don't go too old, you'll get annoying incompatibility with modern SD cards and many of the newer cameras let you do fun stuff like connect a phone as a viewfinder through wifi

re: photography question for photographers 

@elilla @porsupah so K-Mount? Pentax has some mirrorlesses but idk how good they are

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