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@agatha at least the second one has Emily in it :)

@agatha there's a LTT video where they fuck around with an A100 but they don't get it to run games

there's an earlier version where they do get a mining card without a display connector which does work with some hacky trickery

@agatha the way to go is obvs to set it as your dedicated PhysX card

@agatha should be possible, I've seen youtubers do it, though there's usually some slight firmware changes needed and they might not have display connectors (piping video through the IGPU should work tho)

@pup_hime cut power, boot into download mode, reflash

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Faszinierend, dass trotz Pandemie die einfachsten Regeln nie zum Konsens wurden: Maskentragen in Öffis ist sinnvoll für jene, die Husten & Schnupfen haben (nicht Aufgabe jener, die sich schützen wollen). Und wenn man krank ist, geht man nicht arbeiten. Es wäre nicht kompliziert.

@frost it's just a lie, they want you to fit their busy schedule

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My son is _furious_ that the servos he’s using in his grade school robotics club project have five degrees of play in their responsiveness and none of his test runs are replicable, and he’s angry that anyone would sell random unreliable junk like this to save a few bucks. I did not expect him to become radicalized by a grade-school engineering extracurricular but I fully approve.

@socks interesting, I don't think I ever used one that could

@socks can you typecheck for a type of function though?

@socks but you won't convince execs that they should ditch a language they've been successfully using for 10-20 years

@socks where do I put the function? In (corporate, idk if it's actually necessary) Java you need a class to hold your function for you. Also you wanna be able to type-check and, if required, swap out the whole construct, which classes are useful for

@socks I don't understand where you'd want to use a function instead of a method

thing is, these patterns exist for corporate codebases that have to be worked on by a lot of people and like, comply with regulations, you won't always end up with the most convenient solution

can someone please invent a type of rechargeable battery that doesn't go bad in storage… it doesn't have to be that good

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