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Please help me get stable while I am in a bit of a financial bind

"As I work to complete my program, I realize I cannot work any kind of “regular” job. Since I am trained as and enjoy working as a photographer, I intend to freelance to sustain myself as I study. These last couple of months have been particularly difficult as I’ve tried to maintain."

You can read the story and share and donate pls
#mutualaid #GFM

@unascribed honestly it's wild that "there's a ton of different controllers that all work on PCs" hasn't been solved yet

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lol, I tried to debug why I couldn't log into FFXIV on the Deck but the issue was that my internet was flaky -.-

@faoluin it really is. Now lemme get back to debugging my yaml files

@trwnh no, there was a change where I had to log back into Tusky to get push notifications or sth

@trwnh yeah there's new more granular permissions or sth

@trwnh hm, maybe it's the new auth api or sth, I don't remember if I tried setting it up from scratch yet

@trwnh for me that started when I updated to iPad OS 16

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Kleiner Hinweis zu Futterstellen für 🐦🐦 Vögel (vom NABU gelernt):

Bitte Vogelfutterstellen schon vor dem ersten Frost einrichten. Sobald es kühler wird, also jetzt, suchen Vögel verstärkt nach Nahrungsquellen für den kommenden Winter. Sie merken sich diese und fliegen sie regelmäßig an.
Die Suche nach neuen Futterstellen würde sie zusätzlich Energie kosten. Deshalb bleiben zu spät eingerichtete Futterstellen manchmal leider unbeachtet.

#birds #vogelfutter #voegel #winterfuetterung

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Happy "Stanislav Petrov Saves the World" day. It's been 39 years since the world nearly ended.

@pup_hime "I can't hear you" is hard to disprove, so it's easiest thing to whine about I guess

@codl looks pretty nice, I've been occasionally using the mobile theme on my 1440p monitor because apparently it's still acceptable to to not limit horizontal width in 2022

@wxcafe I still think Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland should declare independence

@pup_hime you can move them into the overflow at least

re: drugs, sweets 

@elilla they're candy dw

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