@thomasfuchs I guess that does answer my question, afaik Hypercard is exclusively Macintosh software

@thomasfuchs ah wait hypercard has the finger cursor, doesn't it

@matt it's a setting, usually depicted with a fan

@matt pizza goes on the higher one because you get extra char

@matt also it really doesn't matter (especially if you have convection)

@matt depends on how thick the thing you're cooking is

@matt whatever you need that puts the thing you're putting in the oven closest to the middle

@mcc this is probably something you thought about but… what about a mouse pad?

@jaycie you can queue posts for a specific time on Mastodon software already

@jaycie that's way more easy to add to a client

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I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

Wordle 330 6/6*





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