in summary: the RE3 remake isn't a bad game, but it's far from the amazing game the RE2 remake is and I wish Capcom had given it a bit more time and money

what I am excited about is Resident Evil 8, since they now have a lot of characters that all fans, old and new, are familar with

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RE3 remake opinions, spoilers 

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been talking about this game a bunch with a friend while we were both doing no heal + sub-2h runs and I have Opinions

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oh yeah we had the coolest room code in jackbox last night

@cozykaffe in these pics they look like they're tiny but they're actually huge 😮​

is it really impossible to get a decent vertical stand for the PS3 slim? the super slim had an official one that looks really cool but for the slim they just did a bit of plastic that makes it slightly wider (and it's impossible to get the real thing anywhere)

I've looked on Thingiverse and I'm not super happy with what's on there either

finished the Resident Evil 3 Remake! definitely not the longest game but I'm already itching to replay it faster or at a higher difficulty

@trwnh but Zombies are usually depicted as animalistic and animals can differentiate

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