omg Soken (if he's real) is blessing the cloud test server

this little gorgon showed up randomly at my apartment, cleaning up dust and offering words of encouragement

It's a crime that a major German clothing retailer has this much Hatsune Miku stuff now for some reason but it's all kids's sizes :(

Pokémon Pinball is fun, finally managed to get the top of the high score list

this widget from the Google app is telling me to check the logs for an error message

Telegram has become such a clown app, like they made quotes have different colors but you can set yours yourself and even add a whimsical background based on your favorite emoji – except it's a paid feature.

oh nice, I managed to make a lil sample video of all videogirl text cards and some transitions

oh yeah, I upgraded my VM's style a bit

I should install one of those hacked theming apis and get a pink theme as well

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props for having the project files in a self-documenting format I guess

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but hey, I guess "magic movie maker" leaves you with a fully editable timeline so if you want you can try and fix the mess it made

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