ashens' random aliexpress stickers have some real head scratchers

it's funny that they released the famously bad N64 superman game and didn't release the PSX game that isn't nearly as bad

shout-out to whoever made Google's "empty shopping cart" icon

uh yeah this was supposed to be one post, I guess he crossposter decided that it was too long for one? idk I don't usually use it


Presenting the open-sourced Objectron dataset, a collection of short, object-centric video clips capturing common objects from different angles, each of which is accompanied by AR session metadata and annotated 3D bounding boxes. Check it out at


btw, the 105 is very much a successor to the Nokia 1100, the original cheap-but-rugged phone, and the first phone to have a built-in flashlight. The keypad might not feel great, but it's dustproof! it's one of the most popular phones ever (over 200 million sold!)

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I just learnt about the Nokia 105, which was apparently just 15€ in 2013 and has had three rereleases because it was such a popular phone

thanks to @whitequark for showing off the extremely cost-saving board

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