picked up this copy of VLC Media Player for just 10€, what a steal

in case you didn't know, there's some really nice metal covers of the entire VVVVVV soundtrack and if you buy them you get a mod to put them in the game

nice (yes I already have SMM2, it's for a friend)

this is how I used to listen to my music

had a 2GB microSD card loaded up with my tunes

RE5: why are there two framed pictures oof pants on the wall here

strongly considering importing these weird-ass PSX controllers from Japan

oh no, this "noiob" person seems to be a horrible spammer!

haha if you can't resize your terminal any wider you're fucked

I've been pwning for 18 minutes, 20 seconds and kicked 1 clients! I've also met 10 new friends and ate 1 handshakes! #pwnagotchi #pwnlog #pwnlife #hacktheplanet #skynet

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