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oh my gosh, tusky test finally has focal point support!!

having to switch to something else every time i posted an image was the main reason i never really seriously used it, so i can't wait for that to land in the main app!

(i can't link to specific posts i think, but the most recent post is about town-explorer, a little thing i made to see what's happening on and interact with it!)

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oh my gosh, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about something i've made, aaaaaa!!

jazz jackrabbit 2 (the jazz 2 resurrection project) can now be played in your browser

more info at

seriously though, this talk ruled so hard

(i'll post the vod when i can!)

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roguelike celebration's aesthetic levels just casually going nuclear as an anticapitalist queer legend of a presenter uses classic mac hypercard to talk about her telnet zine and queer retro tech spaces

i pulled out fl studio really briefly and just made an extremely quick tune that's pretty much 100% this progression in a few different forms layered on top of each other

...which turned out to be a pretty neat experiment!

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i learned recently that a lot of music i like has a very specific progression that's apparently super-popular in japanese music

a progression called the "royal road progression", which is basically a guaranteed earworm in anything that uses it

re: splatoon 3 

this graph is getting more and more skewed

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splatoon 3 

going from only ever playing one weapon, to only ever playing one weapon (but a different one, so it's okay)

oh! oh! i did the thing too!

it seems like it could be a fun thing to try for a while~

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