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there's a persona 3 monster that makes a sound effect like someone went "pshoo" into a microphone and it makes me burst the heck out laughing every time i hear it now

‪*trips onto the floor, spilling awoos out of my pockets onto the floor* uHH *more awoos escape* aaaaAAAWOO‬

spelling sysephus correctly is a herculean task

ODIN THE ALL KNOWING (of where the snacks are stored)

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ok so if this dog isn't adopted in a month and a half im prolly gonna get him i can't stand it. look at him!!!!!!!!!!

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pet abuse mention 

i have a hard time looking through dog adoption pages cuz i wanna cry when i see ones that have been abused :(

us pol/gun violence 

a database of gun violence incidents since 2013

thought people might find it relevant

it's extremely rude that you can't kiss akihiko in persona 3 like yr new avi!! :sadiq_thinking:

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