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Is it time again? Hi! I'm Rylee. Glowy otter extraordinaire!

I'm nonbinary (ve/ver), postfurry (a glowy otter), plural (with a small collection of headmates!), polyamorous, pansexual, and positively adorable! Send me otter gifs and pictures of glowy things.

Send me a DM if you want to follow! (I love to meet new people!)

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welcome to My Timeline, where we flail wildly back and forth between furryposting, tech bullshit, thirst, angry transposting, and occasionally are good toys.

Hey straight up if you're still trying to follow me here, did you even look at my profile? You will all be summarily rejected. I should delete this account so it's not so misleading.

REMINDER: I'm moving this account over to This decision comes from a variety of different inputs, but it mostly boils down to "I'll be happier there". Please consider re-following me over there. :)

I'm moving this account over to This decision comes from a variety of different inputs, but it mostly boils down to "I'll be happier there". Please consider re-following me over there. :)

How many white people does it take to change a light bulb? 

how dare you make this joke, all lightbulbs matter

masto stuff 

i'm looking for a new instance. ideally with a large furry population, politics i agree with, cool and -active- admins, ideally looking for some amount of coding help since i want to exercise my coding skills to help out some cool instances. any suggestions?

"I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we relish the opportunity to be a useful rubber duck."

Postfurry: come for the sexy queer radical animal people stay for the kelp and also the sexy queer radical animal people

LB: ... I had never thought of applying AI to architecture but holy shit that's an incredible idea. I wonder if we'll see major breakthroughs in architecture design driven by AI / ML knowledge in the next 10 years?

feel free to @ me if you know much about the overlap of AI/ML and architecture, I am very interested

Double checking John Oliver's math

Facebook one-day losses: $119 Billion
Global cheese market (projected for 2019): $118 Billion

Yep. Facebook did indeed lose, in one day, more value than the entire concept of cheese

Hit the twitter "impressions" thing. Reminded that optimizing for "maximum engagement" also means minimizing content value as you reduce your posts to the lowest common denominator. Gotta resist that temptation... I'm not interested in being a clickbait factory.

I love the word "iunno". something about the elided 'd' really makes it feel good to me.

linguistics nerds feel free to @ me and tell me why that is

OKAY. feeling significantly better now. morning y'all.

love, free-writing, emotions 🎶 

i love you.

such a short sentence, and yet one of the most powerful I can say.

I love you.

it's kind of a big deal to me and so I don't say it much anymore

I love you

but why? I love so many wonderful beings in so many ways. shouldn't I want to share my glow with them with my joy in this?

I love u

and it's a damn shame I feel this way

since I just want you to know

I love you.

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