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mh- joke 

it's my neurodivergence and i'll call myself broken if i want to!!!!

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*insert keysmash here, because i'm on mobile and predictive typing will just try to make it into words if i do it*

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note to self: the feeling never goes away; i just sometimes relearn how to function despite it

autism, children's book, tiktok link 

omg i love this so much

mastodon question 

can i change my username on the instance? or do i have to register a new user and then do the weird redirect thing?

uhhh actually w's name does contain a w

double yew

mh- joke 

it's my neurodivergence and i'll call myself broken if i want to!!!!



autism?, sensory stuff- 

i got sick of my fitbit because it doesn't really function very well as a watch sometimes, so i switched back to my analog watch that i bought in 2017

and i really like it as a watch! simple, clear, always-on,,









languages, emoji meta, constructed vs natural language 

the line between constructed and natural languages can be really blurry sometimes, like modern hebrew for example

a LOT of different forms of classical hebrew came and went and sometimes coexisted, in the 3000 or so years of judaism before zionism began; but one person in the 1800s, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, pretty much Created(tm) the modern iteration of hebrew.

He not only standardized the grammar, and not only chose which synonyms to keep or drop, but he also just plain created hundreds of new words for things that a, well, mostly-written liturgical language, didn't quite have. (for example: omelette, immigration, restaurant, train, and ice cream)

But while he was creating that kinda-sorta-conlang, people all around israel/palestine and europe started to use it! So they had all these new words and standardized grammar PRESCRIBED to them from above, but THEN brought in their own language backgrounds, accents, preferences, and personalities when they actually spoke and wrote.

in fact to this day, the Academy For The Hebrew Language (*supervillain riff plays*) still prescribes us various artificial words that sometimes catch on and integrate really well (like ageism /gila'nut/ <גילנות>, solidarity /ax'va/ <אחווה>), but mostly everyone just kinda ignores (like sexism /mina'nut/ <מיננות>, app /yesu'mon/ <יישומון>)

and i think that in a way, emoji kinda do this too. we're all given these shiny, brand new emojis every year, with some prescribed meaning or interpretation that the unicode consortium decides on -- and then we...... sometimes use it that way, and sometimes ignore that completely and create our own meanings.

a good example of this is the contrast between 😂 with its prescribed meaning being the one we use, vs 🍆 with the meaning we all collectively agreed upon after the fact

weird statistics idea, transportation 

i wonder if there's a population size (let's mark it as p) such that:

ALL european cities with population greater than or equal to p, that DONT currently have a tram system,

have had an older tram system replaced with diesel buses in the name of progress during the 1900s


why is there still a 10°C difference (~20°F difference) between day and night temperatures this time of year??? where are my disgusting way too humid 30°C (85°F) tel avivi nights?????

i can give no rational explanation of why that happened other than "sitcoms in the 00s and 10s"

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going on a month-and-a-bit long trip of europe made me absolutely despise europe, but going on a month-and-a-bit long trip of the us made me fall in love with the us

re: furry meta, biology, over analysis 

one day i'll write a furry story where the characters casually refer to the geological(?) period of anthopomorphization, where a lot of species had to evolve to be taller and walk on two legs and possibly use language for some yet unknown reason

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furry meta, biology, over analysis 

sometimes when i read furry stories i find myself thinking "ugh this is so unrealistic! how and why would so many different species all evolve to be anthropomorphic? it doesn't make sense!"

but then i remember that i live in the branch of the multiverse where we have the 100% real evolutionary process of carcinization

grindr -, humor or sth ugh 

on this lonely night grindring i am reminded of my favorite quest game quote, said when you click "talk to" and then select an inanimate object:

"no way! what would i do if it answered me!"

ableism, The Gay Community 

hi! welcome to the gay community in tel aviv! we know you've been feeling out of place your whole life, but you have finally found us, a community where everyone, including people like you, are allowed to be! welcome home!

* oh unless you're introverted, sensitive to crowds or loud noises, or not conventionally attractive; in those cases fuck off and go back to the suburbs you worthless scum

i wish i could be in a non-extremely-clean place and feel comfortable

jet lag, dad joke reference 

hi not tired, i'm 2am

name woes, sign languages 

ugh even finger spelling my legal given name in both asl and israeli sign is terrible ugh

name woes 

i hate my given name so, so much; but i hate it even more when it's said with an israeli accent 🙃

sui implied jokingly 

appropriate time to wear my "i wanna die 😎👍" t shirt indeed

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