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Due to personal reasons, I will be shining brightly & unapologetically taking up space for the foreseeable future.

"Are... are you going... up there?"
"Sure am, but look, kid - antineutronium, benzene, or ovipositor, nobody rides for free."
"...those words all rhyme in my language. You gettin' in, or what?"

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past... randomized?

All nautical vessels use she/her pronouns but postal ships are assigned mail at berth.

siting across from the captcha, nervous, sweating. select all the boxes containing a turtle? my mother? let me tell you about my m

Legit question: Is there a word for the phenomenon of missing an obvious detail through a project's development only to notice at the latest, most inconvenient moment for the folks working on the project?

I've done this to other folks a couple times lately and I wanna have a word to apologize for and beat myself over the head with (though not in that order).

They need us to drive their trucks.
They need us to shine their crowns.
And they need us to be the cops who beat our comrades down.


Neurolinguistic programming is magic. (ADHD mention) 

If one spends more than an hour in my presence (in person, video call, whatever), one is likely to witness the following ritual:

  • Five minutes before each hour, Plumbago (my smartphone) chimes distinctively.
  • I put down whatever I'm holding in my right hand and make a motion like particles drifting in air.
  • I say out loud (though sometimes quietly under my breath) the word, "Sparkles!"
  • I then reach for whatever beverage I have nearby, usually water.

This started as a reminder to self that I am, in fact, a unicorn... and that carries with it at least some amount of grace, dignity, and poise. Picking up a new habit was a big challenge in the past, yet this took root within a couple days – almost certainly because I had an audio prompt, both verbal and somatic responses, and the help of family joining in here and there because it's just so gosh-darn cute.

It was only a couple months after establishing this that I got the idea to attach a much-needed positive habit to it, thus tacking on the "grab a drink" part because hydration is important. It took almost instantly because of one sentence I internally connected it with: "Sparkling is thirsty work."

I overcame immense internal resistance to good habits and trained myself in a set of positive behaviors by hacking them into an hourly magic spell.

Because unicorn! ✨ 🦄 ✨

Ah, the temptation to come up with cutie marks for every named piece of equipment in the house, then get stickers made.

Q: “How many devs on a message board does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

A: “Why are you trying to do that?”

If you leave description texts off of your image posts, then that is a choice that excludes obligate screenreader users. It makes things a harder for everyone else too.

It doesn't make you a bad person. Sometimes that choice is understandable: chronic illness sucks, never know what to write, language issues, spoons missing, bad brains today. All of that stuff. If that's you, stick an #Alt4Me on it or tag @imagecaptionspls and I'll try to help out if I see it OK? #accessibility

PSA: The US has a state-based network of #disability rights organizations that provide free legal advocacy services to #disabled people: the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Systems and Client Assistance Programs (CAP).

In #California it’s DRC:

Find yours here:

More resources:

If you know an org doing similar work in your country, reply & I will boost!

#InternationalDayofPeopleWithDisabilities #IDPWD

id like to propose an addition to the list of hardest challenges in computer science

- (anglophone only) remembering that characters outside of ascii exist

replace all helvetica in the world with:

This week, LastPass, and its parent company GoTo, both published blog posts about their recent data breach:

But if you search for GoTo's blog post in Google, you won't find it, because GoTo hid its breach notice from search engines using "noindex" code.

“Skele ton” or approximately .907 tonnes de squelletes.

PSA, security disclosure: do not use Hive 

Some reputable security researchers and SREs on birdsite are sharing that Hive has already had a major security breach and responded to private disclosure with public whataboutism instead of immediately patching:


Direct article link:

Avoid, avoid avoid avoid with anything resembling sensitive data. This is about as big a red flag as they come.

Survival shouldn't be a subscription service, and living shouldn't be DLC.


Since it's now #BandcampFriday I have pushed the big "release album" button on my Novembeat collection for 2022, at

But if you don't have a lot of my music already, maybe consider getting my full discography! It's pretty cheap, at $45 for over 20 years' worth of music releases, and I have a lot of music in a lot of different styles. Some of it is even kinda-sorta good, I think. Or at least that's what people tell me sometimes.

Anyway XOXO happy friday

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