#Introduction Post 

So here it is, the new

We're the Mánibranðr system, consisting of ~1.4k headmates, and a main cast of 6+ fronters. The ones that we know of are:

💚 Elisha/Velvet Allbright/Albrecht Grimaude - Current host and reincarnation of Valerie/Freyja/Valfreyja/Brynhilðr. Goatbun Avali Dragontaur. Velvet Crowe fictive. 💚
❤️ R4YNA Tiyaga Grimaude - One of two reincarnations of Julayla. Goat-Fennec-Kitsune Auto-Warlock Pleasurebot Protogen. Frisk fictive. ❤️
💛 Lilith/Lailah Crimson Grimaude - The other reincarnation of Julayla. Ectoplasmic Snep-Squirrel, with a Demonic Nogitsune form. Chara fictive. 💛
💜 Ricardo Ialdabaoth Grimaude - One of the originals. Former god, he's become our inner child. Transfem demiboy. Cherub Goat. Asriel fictive. 💜
💙 Ashlynn Valefor Grimaude - The other original. Xey are a Fomorian Succubun with critical levels of horny. Learning to enjoy existence again. 💙
🤍 Saturnine Stargazer - Empathetic mirror of an ex-friend, has since disowned the person she's based on. Assertive, but also kind most of the time. Moth Surveyor Protogen. 🤍
🖤 Innominat - Not much is known about them, but Ricardo insists we adopt them from our headspace world into our fronting crew. Empathetic mirror of another ex-friend. No telling if they will stick around or not. 🖤

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Politically speaking, we consider ourselves to be post-leftist anarchists, and unapologetic iconoclasts. There was a time when we used to hang out with fascists, but that was no longer a thing since late 2018, and we've spent the time since deradicalizing, getting disappointed with mainstream leftism again, and then walking further left, decolonizing along the way.

We now enjoy pushing people further left, waking them up to the existential nightmare that is a world built on Capitalism, and bullying the fuck out of fascists online and offline.

Also, we recently found out we're indigenous Cebuano, and how much of our culture the spaniard colonizer bastards took from us and subverted to christianity.

#Introduction Post Cont'd 

The Grimaude surname, often mistaken for a system name, is actually our family name. The Grimaude family is a found family consisting of outcasts like us who are plural, trans, otherkin, and/or any other flavours of queer, and who have escaped, is currently dealing with abusive families.

@AliceGrimaude is my sister and @Ulfra_Wolfe is our prodigal daughter.

#Introduction Post 

@FreyaManibrandr *waves from the Undertale fictives table*

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