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antiblackness fediblock meta (3/6) 

Three: is named for the African political philosophy, not the Linux.

And, y'know, colonialism, right? It's totally fair that you wouldn't know where the Linux took its name from - white tech people have way more PR money than Black African philosophers.

...but Eris called this "unfortunate naming".

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antiblackness fediblock meta (2/6) 

Anyway. Second: publicly denouncing the mod decisions of a Black instance is not something to be done lightly. Racism is real and antiblackness is real, and those things /predispose/ people to mistrust Black folks' judgment, to create and amplify attacks on Black folks. When you're talking about a Black instance, mistakes are more damaging and more likely.

And "I run Ubuntu so why did an Ubuntu instance block me" is /terrible/ logic.

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antiblackness fediblock meta (1/6) 

Okay, so, first of all, singling out for criticism the people who blocked you is often a bad look? I get it, I get it, but it's the kind of thing that you see pretty often from folks who absolutely refuse to take criticism - and being open to criticism is incredibly important, especially for instance mods. It's a really hard job and we're not gonna get everything right, so we need to leave space for us to be called in on stuff.

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antiblackness fediblock meta tl;dr 

1. Eris made a thread about Disqordia being blocked - we think it was ill-advised, see above.

2. Puf made a fediblock post for someone else - root at moth zone - being actively racist in that thread.

3. A third party claimed Puf was filling the fediblock tag with bad reports.

4. We made this thread to explain why we considered Puf's then-latest fediblock reasonable.

5. Eris took being criticized badly.

Earlier stuff's come up, but this is the current stuff.

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context re: antiblackness fediblock meta, harassment note 

Is this about Eris Disqordia apparently (we haven't gone to look) making threatening posts directed towards and I mean, yeah, but it's bigger than that - I think the question of how you get to become a better person is really important, and there's a tremendous amount we Packbats only learned because we were respectful towards people we thought were wrong. We'd like folks to learn from the mistakes of others.

- 🎒

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antiblackness fediblock meta, harassment note 

In retrospect, another reason we should mention why it's a bad idea to mock people who block you: harassment is a thing that happens, and publicly mocking their opponents is a thing harassers often do. And if I think you might harass me for saying anything, it makes me not want to say anything.

And, like I said, people mess up. We mess up. We want to be corrected when we do, and part of that is making it feel safe to tell us we're wrong.

- 🎒 ( 🐱 ?)

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Normally we would assume all of that was pretty evident, but a recent comment showed up in the fediblock tag (not from any of our followers or anyone on instance) from someone to whom all this really /wasn't/ all that evident - and, yeah, fair. Lucky ten thousand and all that.

So there it is. blocked a bunch of instances for doing racism and the admins decided to bond over that. It's kinda depressing. But now you know why folks consider it worth fediblocking over.

- Packbats 🎒 🦇

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Question to white trans people who maybe didn't react well to the first news of The Bad Space this meta cycle. 

If you're white and trans, and had an adverse reaction to the Bad Space at first, and then maybe backtracked it.
Did you do a public retraction?
Did you apologize for any misinformation you perpetuated?
Have you done anything to help your friends understand what's been going on?
To help deescalate?

Have you read the info about it being addressed? Did you boost it? 🤔

What did you do to help after you realized you were contributing to the harassment against the people working on The Bad Space ?

If you only silently deleted when you realized, I want you to ask yourself why.

(edit because I wanted it public, and because I mix up space and place in the name every time I write it)


Coyote on the beach ☀️​ (she/they)

The second slot of one of my Summer YCH slots!

#commission #furry #coyote

bottom surgery fund :boost_ok: 

If anyone wants to chip in in my bottom surgery fund, you can do so via ko-fi or GFM

I try to keep the amount updated on both to better reflect everything

Havent done commissions in a bit, I may open a few slots to try get back to it, in the meantime here is another animation I did a while ago that I really like :p

#art #furry #pixelart #animation #dragon

Until white people are displaced as the predominant creators and drivers of digital social technology, social media will continue to fail to reliably create healthy community.

I will start with this thingy this person here @NafiTheBear asked me to draw, haha, Mastodon's mascot. So I just anthropomorphized it. Just for fun.

#MastoArt #furry #anthro

"Sanitize your spaces!"

"Think of the children"

"It needs to be FAMILY FRIENDLY ™®"

All that that means is "visible queerness will be punished" "Assimilate into cishet normativity, or die"

demanding someone's attention, no matter how good your intentions are, when they're literally overwhelmed, and then complaining that you got blocked for it, is kind of a dick move.

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Facebook: ass.
Twitter: ass.
YouTube: ass.
Reddit: ass.

As soon as GitHub starts rolling ads into my git workflow, I'll turn this computer off forever.

**request:** can we not normalise "begpost"?

cause like it feels very self-flagellating and demeaning,

and the wording pretty much validates harassers harassment for those of us who have to make donation posts on occasion

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