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Reminder that bats are not colonialists.

The proper word for a group of bats is actually a "clump".

"Why must you always have such a short fuse?"

Why must you keep lighting it?

murder of a Palestinian child, Islamophobia 

Six-year-old Palestinian-American boy Wadea Al-Fayoume was fatally stabbed in Illinois by his landlord, who also wounded his mother Hanaan Shahin in the attack on the family while shouting, "you Muslims must die!"

i don't see why it's so hard for a Renamon to give me a big hug tbh

Dear right wing conservatives,

Saying you hate Israel's genocide of Palestinians is not antisemitism.

Sincerely, an ethnic Jew.

NSFW quadruped (sphinx), nudity (slight) 

i had this fever dream of an alien sphinx creature that had stony skin dorsal areas and supple vibrant luminescent blue ventral areas, tendrils on its back that let it manipulate magnetism and radio to fuck with electronics and communicate in radio, and an elephant-trunk-like grasping tail. Human-level intelligence. Hermaphroditic monotremes (hence boobies. yay boobies) who can't vocalize speech and need a resonating surface to induct on when speaking to a race that can't hear radio. The head thingies are fleshy, but leathery and tough, like the non-rocky bits of them. Their brain sort of extends into them. Not brain tissue but really dense nerve clusters that sort of function like... brain RAM? For doing all the radio translation. Like an inner ear but for processing EM.

They figured out magnet stuff like superconductors, gauss rifles, and workable maglev the way we figured out gunpowder, ballistics and rockets. They still haven't figured out like, planes, because they just yeet things with giant magnet cannons and the payload glides to a halt with deployable wings.

Partial lithivores, but otherwise carnivores. In the broad galactic scope they find kinship in humans for being fellow Deathworlders (from a home planet where every other creature has a biological switchblade built into it, and even the plants evolved toxin in their tissues). Humans think Whoooaa big kitty!!

The dreams I remember are VERY vivid yes. A mix of sleeping ideas and muttering them back to myself all day for several days.

The pictured specimen isn't entirely typical, the picture is 1: not done and 2: even she admits she's a chubby nudist. Will sit on your face for over-salted meat pies.

hey! i make music and code. recently ive started a devlog on cohost about making a game for nes. maybe someday i can make that stuff be what i do for a living! for now, i have to prostrate myself before the software industry. but if you wanna make it a little easier for me to make the stuff i actually care about, here's a gentle reminder that i have a ko-fi:

any donation helps. thank you for your contribution to the cause of soft typhlosion

「 SEBASTIAN 2024 」 🔥🐀

i don't care that it's september he can have a new ref as a treat

Writing code to #AMXradio is popping me back and forth between bursts of focused motivation and just wiggling my butt in my chair for several minutes.

12 out of 10.

Giving another boost from my dearest girlfriend and fellow chosenfamily; we really appreciate support any way y'all can! Please boost!
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest

The Grimaudes, my chosenfamily, are under unfortunate financial stress needing $750 to help cover rent at the end of the month. They still have additional sources of income coming, but they need help.


And through Cashapp: $Grimcleo

Tonight we are lucky to have three new faces and one almost new face in the #ByteJam @lexbailey, @vurpo, @gij and Suule! And also @Violet on the decks. head on over to at 9pm BST for some #demoscene #tic80 #livecoding

While you're waiting, come and join the crowd at for some sweet beats!

Discourse, Mga Puting Tao 

Sometimes, when someone aggressively fails to clock antisemitism, even when its pointed out by a queer jewish person, you just gotta move on from them, as they're not a safe person to be a round.

I find it interesting how transphobes always have a problem with they/them non-binary identities until they need to "politely" misgender someone.

Dear people doing #Art and #PixelArt little reminder that adding alt text to your pictures isn't an obligation, but it's quite a kind detail specially for visually impaired people, and it's also a really common practice here in Mastodon.

So take that in mind when posting, you don't need to write something complex and long, even with simple descriptions of the image is more than enough, and by doing it even more people can enjoy your cool stuff!! 😄


Beaver Ailbhe eating gryph Ailbhe has been an idea rattling around in my head for a while now, and, well, you c- *UuUUaaAaaRRrRp~!*... goodness... you can see the result of that. x3

Mmm... this might make for a fun writing piece cncbxmxnxbcbx

Min-Su entices some poor mortal into a game of riddles, which the mortal promptly loses. The kumiho yanks their meal's soul out with their yeowoo guseul (the glass ball they always carry), musing that they have other ideas besides dinner.

They casually devour the mortal's body, enjoying the sensation of being so full... before moving onto other, more pleasurable fun with the soul they stole... ;3

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