Frick, I haven't used this site in like 2 months but i'm still alive and I lov you all. <3

i wanna trade yokai with people, where are all the 3ds frens

PSA: If you've been following users on you need to re-follow them to get the server to pull their posts into your timeline again, even though they still show up as following/followed. Same counts for people following users from

when you set your phone down on your chest for a second and somehow the app yer in navigates to "yes please charge me 70$ for premium currency"

@SellyBelly The chest slams open to reveal:
🔹 Rare Clothing:
Average Quality, hot pink cashmere bikini👙

You know, it's probably a good time to mention that I also do vector icons as well, though they're very minimalist!

Wouldn't mind hashing a few more out if anyone's interested~.


The name’s Tahajin, or Haji for short! Sr. IT Consultant, Network Engineer, Wordweaver, Photographer, Vector Artist, Novice Musician, and All-Around Knucklehead! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Discord: Tahajin#0881
FurAffinity: Hajinn
Pronouns: They || She

🎨 : CombatRaccoon

someone tell me to stop being fucking lazy and do what i need to


yeah chest bot is cool but where do i trade my loot.

Like, should be a tag for stuff like this. Emphasize the multiplayer stuff.

@noiob Hey, are invites down for awoospace right now? Or, how do i'm do that?

okay so yeah my two main accounts are on here and


nsfw, 18+, etc, 

hhhh i got

those lewd kink thoughts tonight

wish i could be teased about, my kinks, a lot,

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