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What is the purpose of YouTube Shorts when they have no captioning and you have no ability to rewind so if you miss something you basically have to watch it all over again which removes the purpose of it being short?

US Politics and Voting 

It seems that where I live is considered a key race, which means regardless of what happens there will be lots of angry people.

I saw a deer today with antlers! Virtually pretty much every deer I have seen go through my property just have no antlers at all, but majority are just teeny fawns which are so adorable.

@gc @runefox You know that is what actual captions do on TV shows when it comes to theme songs... and it is like... what if I never heard the song before? @runefox I am going to have to order some! Of course from Amazon it is 18 USD for a single can lol.

Entitled Griping Cohost I believe is not going to ever do controlling of the shares you see, so you end up seeing the same meme a dozen times.

My tensor tympani is being quite sensitive today, the constant fluttering is annoying. But that is life with hyperacusis.

I forgot that work offers health rewards gift cards, so got myself 160 USD of Walmart gift cards. I know it is basically just giving away my data but like this year I got about 600 USD worth of gift cards from various things.

re: weight loss ++ 

@Zauberin Oh very nice! Really glad for you!

I wonder if I should just make my own instance since I have as a domain lol.

@Zauberin *You see a squirrel skitter up to you and paws you a PSP then skitters away*

@lilithelotor The company formerly made the console itself. I work for Philips.

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