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Medical (~) 

Had my MRI followup and I have a cyst in my brain which is probably unrelated to my current issues, so need to schedule another MRI in six months. The hospital has such nice hold music.

I definitely am a workaholic as I have been in bed all morning and it feels so wrong and I feel I have to get out and do something... but I must rest.

How long is the general COVID recovery when you are triple vaxxed?

Debating between starving and eating... suppose cracker time.

How can I better invest in and utilize Linked Lists, it is the buzz these days and my product must use them to stay relevant in today's time. I refuse to understand how data structures work and have been told everyone is using it and making money from it.

Saw chipmunk that lives in the backyard looking at the foraging squirrel, definitely keeping an eye on their nuts!

Ants have been invading the kitchen, so I have set up traps and did lots of spraying. Hopefully it helps.

The lawnmower comes in today and I wanted to cut grass, but it is likely very not recommended to do when you are sick with COVID.

My old phone was called Skwovet and my new phone is called Greedent, it evolved and is much faster and better!

COVID (-) 

It took two years but have gotten COVID, oofies. Hopefully being triply vaxxed makes it shorter.

Phone is like "You used your phone 11 hours more than last week!", and I am like I just got it so of course phone.

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