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If anyone bitches how I cut the grass, I will shower their lawn with salt and vinegar.

Thoughts (~) 

I feel like I am on the melancholy uncertain path to acceptance.

Who is peer and why do they keep resetting my connection, I just want to chat on IRC!

I wonder if I get off my reliance on taking ibuprofen to get rid of my almost daily headaches, since it probably is not healthy. Headaches because of my brain issues.

I bought a cabinet from Walmart which got lost in shipping, but luckily a replacement is coming! Need more storage space for things!

If you are Goth and Emo, does that make you an Electric Moth?

So playing Paper Mario 64 and bowser took the Star Rod from the Fountain of Dreams and just one shot Mario. Then I watched the intro before the file select and Bowser is OP. Was hoping for that Kirby tie in!

I kind of feel like making an Android game. Maybe like a StarCraft clone for funsies.

Was getting a phone case for my new phone from Amazon but it has just be super slow and it got delayed to next week, then I check Best Buy and they have it same day... so definitely Best Buy it is.

I kind of accidentally recreated Celeste's dream sequence memorial dedication by mapping how text changes in a text file to MIDI notes and speeding it up a bunch. Also is accurate depiction of squirrel mind when programming. It reads three characters as a set of three notes. The initial note to start with is relative mapping with a basis of C to C3. Then for every new character, the note is shifted up/down according to the difference between two characters. English as music is chaos.

Only issue is just like every other flu, I am going to have mucus, runny nose, and coughing for like two to three weeks following despite being over it. I suppose it takes awhile to eject all the dead virus out of your system.

COVID lasted like four days for me, I am already feeling much better than I have been the past many days. Vaccines and boosters work!

They blew up my construction ship in a valuable system, with living metal, so I had another one go in with my starting fleet. Managed to take control of it and I immediately upgraded to starbase and built a gun battery and some defensive platforms. Will definitely be my bastion.

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Played a new game of Stellaris. I spawned next to fanatical purifiers... suppose it is time to build up my fleet and defenses... nobody shall squish my bugs!

I have never seen Zerg once in Stellaris, so forcing them to exist now.

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