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SDL2 is very sparse on their documentation online, like they stopped caring about it. Wiki is missing tons of pages and whatnot.

Had a dream I was an Orc on Earth, so I went around in cloak, gloves, and a black face mask so none could actually see me.

I have won the Steam Deck lottery since my Steam Deck has a x4 SSD rather than the x2 SSD.

Put a nice tempered glass screen protector on my 512GB Steam Deck to protect the screen!

I installed some anti-slip desk pads so my desk does not slide all over the place and they seem to be working, which is nice. Desk surface is about 1-2mm higher which is not bad either.

Gas is cheaper too because it was evenly split across the entire building, even if you used no gas.

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Living in a house is so much better than living in an apartment, like you can paint the walls and poke holes in the drywall.

My paws are a little bit too tiny for the Steam Deck, will have to get used to big devices.

What are those trails through the grass called where there is grass that is for the most part gone and it kind of just shows the most preferred path everyone takes?

Think I am going to stick to Twitter and Mastodon as cohost looks like it is going to be an accessibility nightmare. I have a synesthesia where any kind of movement creates sound which results in very noisy pages of animations. I need to have absolutely zero animations.

The feeling when you were looking forward to something only to find all the subtle toxicities involved. It is difficult to try to enjoy something with all of the negativity about.

Have been trying many DAWs the past few months and I would say I like GarageBand the most dud to its simplicity.

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My desk and musical keyboard are setup, despite my hearing issues I am definitely motivated.

Really liking how I have been redoing my office to be improved.

Being in the general public kind of reminds me of why I hate being in the general public.

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