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Backyard is basically woods and the entire ground of it is covered in ivy. Definitely with how widespread it is, going to have to get professionals to clean it all up.

Next week I get surgery and it is like, quite the countdown of anticipation!

If I forget to turn on captions when calls are incoming, phone does it for me!

Headache (-) 

For the past bit I have splitting headache, my head hurts.

You know if you have fresh baked bread you can put it in a sealed plastic bag and the fridge and it will be fresher longer.

USPS is doing another free COVID test kits thing, with 8 tests this time!

My wife just said she is an artist and it took her a moment to realize what she just said. Gosh am proud of her!

I want like potato chip brand, but all of the chips are smart card shaped.

Yay couch gets delivered next week, which means I can recover from surgery on it and also we can relax on the couch and watch TV and otherwise.

Let us make a laptop that has two touchscreens, one dedicated to display and the other dedicated to being a keyboard and trackpad.

Well now that voting day is tomorrow hopefully I stop getting bugged with text messages asking me to vote when I cannot even vote since my party has no primaries.

It was stormy and cloudy last night, so missed the moon!

Getting the logarithm of -0x1.51df590419a4fp442 should be -NaN, not +NaN! How could you!!

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Curiously it seems like on Android for some wonky floating point math that I get +NaN when it should really give me -NaN... I guess Google fucked up when it came to matching floating point arithmetic to the standard JVM.

The Secure Folder on the S22 Ultra is interesting, is like a sandboxed environment.

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