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And the deck Draque’s creating [, not sure if on Masto?] has a six of air with a craftsperson holding up a blank slate of stone; in a reading I gave tonight that card imagery totally overpowered the suit and number associations and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to see it again as anything other than a mirror card.

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It is *so* fascinating exploring the myriad ways in which individual Tarot decks have cards that smash the Tarot paradigm and demand to be interpreted in ways no other deck uses. E.g. the MLP Tarot deck has Lauren Faust as the Empress, which is one of the few decks I’ve ever seen with a “break out of the meta and look one level up” card.

Thanks to @Goldkin I just learned how deep the Shadowrun Tarot’s 7 of Coins runs.

(Its hacker made a deal with dragons. *Plural*.)

I’ve been quiet. Life’s been crazy. But I’m still around! And at this weekend.

I was even seeing furries half an hour before I hit the convention. It’s been that kind of week.

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Wistfulness about the word draconity 

"Draconity" is a term that doesn't get used much any more, I think

It was what we called the state of Being Dragon, a bit more wieldy than "otherkinness" or therianthropy

I liked that little word. It encompassed a community of people some of whom I knew, some of whom I didn't, but that always seemed to manage to avoid unnecessary conflict. When things went bad, I never saw dragons fight with tooth and claw; they retreated, invisibly, and the community got quieter and quieter until it eventually didn't hold together much any more.

But-- I feel like I sensed a core of something in those dragons that felt common and unique to them. A particular kind of quiet solidity, steadfastness within the longing, and a manifest willingness to stay childlike at heart. They didn't always say much, but when they did it was resonant and felt Real. I see it in people who call themselves dragons today, too. Other people are strong, or stoic, or playful, and in every way as good as dragons at these things, and dragons aren't always all these things; but there is a Vibe I get from them sometimes. Like the way people are protective, but a stone symbolises protection.

Perhaps to be Dragon is to clothe oneself in a certain set of symbols, an archetypal armour that moulds the self to a certain eternal pattern.

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Re: Barely avoided sexual assault incident 

@baxil Thank you for taking the time and burning the countless spoons necessary to tell your side of this story.

More of us need to take personal responsibility for these events. Things like this rarely happen in spaces with an informed group that knows what to look out for.

Safe spaces are only as safe as their inhabitants' vigilance allows them to be, and this post does an excellent job of pointing that out.

TW: Sexual assault 

‪Convention-goers, please take a moment to read — I wrote a blog post going public about a date-rape drugging incident that happened at BronyCon this year.‬


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holy heck BLFC booking is a nightmare now. Failed to get a room despite being ready the moment it opened.

(I can barely make it through “The Rainbow Connection” without crying and I just want so badly to be on the other side right now)

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Damn it, I’m having a rainbow day.

Are there any clients which hook into both mastodon and birbsite, the same way that Pidgin/Trillian/Adium/etc once centralized a farflung diaspora of IM accounts?

Next question: Are there any good Mastodon clients period? Amaroq >> Mustor for me but I’m still sort of limping through mobile, and haven’t stumbled on a decent desktop client yet.

Off-site sushi boat dinner at PAWCon led to an in-joke with @leafnoodle which was illustrated by @Leucrotta 😂

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Traveled on up the mountain to visit a good dragon and spend the weekend doing dragon things.

They've got an amazing new blanket for the guest bed.

Kelly Patton's "Mushroom Guardians" is at least two-thirds of the way to the aesthetic

Not sure yet what my use case for Mastodon will be, but as a more socially intimate network it might be a good place to talk about deeper things. (and/or maybe try picking my magic work a bit more back up?)

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Alright, @leafnoodle just turned me on to Amaroq (which, unlike Mustor, might actually allow me to post—let's see). So, intro!

Hi, I'm a suburban dragon, semi-lapsed mage, semi-prolific MLP fanfic author (under the name horizon), Search & Rescue volunteer, long-distance hiker, and longtime furry trash. Following folks here from birdsite, mostly. 🐲

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