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If I had a penny for every insane decision I've had to deal with in someone else's codebase, it would almost come to a competitive rate for the work I did over 6 years trying to be normal in offices

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Probably 75% of the cost of software in terms of power draw/time pollution is the result of development becoming an adult daycare job

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fun fact: the number of transistors in a high-end CPU is just now passing the number of stars in our galaxy.

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I'm so fucking excited about my current project but I'm trying to keep internal pressure high

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*non-game journalist writing about video games* many people may not realize that video games are big business. in fact, many millions of people actually play video games, sometimes multiple times. the games industry is so big, in fact, by 2025 it's reported to eclipse movies, TV, agriculture, oil, and the military. so who are gamers, and who makes their games? we take a look into the weird world of video game creators. called 'developers', these geeky nerds actually make games using a computer

re last awoo: google and all big companies like it are deeply fucking pathetic

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so apparently google have added a little bit of JS to youtube that adds a delay for loading, but only if your useragent is Firefox.

you can fix it by adding this line to your uBlock Origin filters., resolve(1), *, 0.001)

UPDATE: They fucking admitted it! Out loud!!

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It's sad how much current events mirror how growing up my bullies were never punished. I was just punished for reacting to my bullies in any way

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Remember 2016 Mastodon? Remember how a bunch of trans programmers put in free labor to rapidly make this shitty program architecture into something relatively functional, and then Eugen absolutely refused to yield control of the project to the community? I fully anticipate that like 4 years from now he'll sell the project to Palantir with no hesitation

Bluesky people continuing the proud twitter tradition of getting angry at a version of a post that exists only in the vague haze where their reading comprehension should be

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miguel o'hara is fascinatingly cringefail. He's old enough to have a family, jacked as fuck, and yet he spends his time having beef with and being picked on by 15 year olds. Literally when he yells "you're not funny" at Gwen. He constantly calls them "kid" and sets himself above them but it's painfully obvious that it's incredibly easy to hurt his babygirl feelings by just calling him "Dark garfield"

So since is real popular rn I should note I am in fact developing a set of FPS oriented node libraries in GDScript with an eye toward ease of use/modding/maintenance. I'll post them once I clean them up a bit

I'm not a devout Linux person but windows definitely is malware by the definition that it deceptively does stuff you don't want it to.
I've seen people trying to flip that around on Linux, not because of any attribute it has but because the ratfuck scum in charge of most popular software used on windows don't bother supporting Linux.
I get where you're coming from but the comparison is fundamentally flawed

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I hope the nice folk at blender are working on some improvements to baking
it's a feature for which there is both a big shiny button but everything else about it feels like trying to make an item duplication trick work in an RPG

So what effect are superconductors gonna have on energy storage?

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