trans hostility 

My boss when I appealed to him to respect my correct pronoun: he declared it "private", said that it was "unprofessional" to ask such a thing.

RT @ebel: There is a lot of problems with requiring "professional manner" in a code of conduct. "professionalism" has been used against many marginalised groups, like camp men, women who don't wear heels, and black people with dreadlocks.

If you're not careful, life will make you bitter and hard. Allow yourself some softness and room for growth.

Okay sometimes Reddit is Good

User has made three posts:

- "I found these pills in my son's laundry, what are they?"
- "How should I ask my child about spironolactone and estradiol?"
- "My daughter is so much happier!"

A probable new feature in progress that I think is exciting for people:


#mastodon #meta

Ich glaub ich geb jetzt bei jedem toot (außer bei Threads) einen Oktupus mit drunter, weil die cute sind und ich eh genug Zeichen habe



That people can't see how this is all connected frustrates me endlessly.

Abuse of women. Trans hate. Genocide. Destruction of the poor and sick.

This is all connected and if you aren't fighting it where you see it, you are contributing to it.

We need to do more.

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In German, there's a term for the time from Xmas to the 6th of January: "Zwischen den Jahren", which means "between the years". I rather like the idea of a time between the years, somehow out of time itself.

I guess the thing CS continuously gets wrong is: people think in stories, not in mathematical structures. Even when people do maths, it's in the form of stories (proofs). Maybe, if we want computers to more closely follow our will, we should work on translating these stories into instructions.

Frankenstein enters a body building competition and discovered he had seriously misunderstood the objective
#writingprompts #writing

In response to twitter's brand guidelines: mastodon's elephant friend is in fact an elephant (fluffy), and also a friend. you can draw him with other elephants, he likes company

Pétition pour que Witches Town devienne une vraie ville

The Dolphin emulator people are amazing:
(how to avoid stuttering from shader compilation if the easy way won't work)

Since it is coming up again:

Mastodon isn't private.

Expect anything you toot to be visible to everyone, regardless of your settings for visibility.

Mastodon is built on a system that isn't appropriate for private conversation and the work arounds for private toots and the like are not in any way robust against someone just ignoring them.

Huh. Octodon is down? Well, that just means I'll say hi here. But. Eh. Still sucks.

Wieso zur Hölle ist diese Welt voll mit Typen die glauben sie hätten Sonderrechte????

Ich krieg auf Datingplattformen ca 1 mal täglich eine "das was du laut Profiltext explizit nicht machst - machs für mich bitte trotzdem!"-Nachricht.

Gefolgt von "komm schon, ich hab doch bitte gesagt D:"


When I started using twitter, it was an internet place where I'd meet new people. Through events and stuff I then met around 2/3 of my followers and it became a bit more like Facebook for me.

My weird twitter account then became the primary vent for things I didn't directly want to share, but weird twitter got completely destroyed in the US election.

And now, this, feels a lot like twitter did for the first few years: something fresh and new, full of interesting exciting people. I like that.

Ich finde das so fuchtbar, wenn beim Outing von Nazis so stark auf deren beruflichen Werdegang eingegangen wird...

Sich über Nazis lustig machen, weil diese im Beruf/Studium/whatever gescheitert sind? Nicht meine Antifa...

Also ob aus einem Nazi ein besserer Mensch wird, wenn si*er erfolgreich im Job wäre...

Ebenso ist es auch für Nazis nicht verwerflich als Sexarbeiter*innen zu arbeiten (und das sollte auch nie als Angriffspunkt genutzt werden)...

aber was weiß ich schon...

Und jetzt wirds kritisch. ALLE NACHTEILE von Mastodon! Naja, vielleicht. "Mastodon: The good, the bad and the ugly"

Here we go! "Mastodon: Oh, the possibilities!" Why multiple accounts can (and should!) be fun:

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