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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition released today which includes Mac and Linux ports by Feral Interactive, and it has a free demo if you wanna check how good the port is :D

US Politics (+++) 

No November challenge

you go straight to December

Offer to sell games / Money problems / Boosts appreciated 

seems like a pretty good documentary about shark attacks

deutschposting, pic of a shark 

guess the adults are busy doing actual work well joke's on them I'm getting paid to shitpost rn

this electron microscope has a really nice dedicated multi-knob controller and a trackball and I wanna play with it so bad

e-begging I guess 


no context SMM2 

why is this network a /16, how many devices do they expect

Hotel wifi is great I can see someone's iPad, a Huawei and a Samsung phone

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