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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition released today which includes Mac and Linux ports by Feral Interactive, and it has a free demo if you wanna check how good the port is :D

US Politics (+++) 

This is Joshua Collins' campaign platform on Trans Rights. He's a socialist trucker running for our 2020 congress in Washington's 10th district (Olympia to south Tacoma), and I am in love with him.

(Transcript in link)

No November challenge

you go straight to December

Offer to sell games / Money problems / Boosts appreciated 

I'm going to need to save up a lot of money over the next few months in order to afford to see my boyfriend, and I need to get rid of a lot of things I don't need/use, so these games are for sale. Price info is in the images below

I hate to beg but you can also donate at (please ignore my deadname when you see it)

seems like a pretty good documentary about shark attacks

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deutschposting, pic of a shark 

Maxdome im ICE-Wifi sniped mich hier hart

guess the adults are busy doing actual work well joke's on them I'm getting paid to shitpost rn

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this electron microscope has a really nice dedicated multi-knob controller and a trackball and I wanna play with it so bad

e-begging I guess 

hey my name's Anne, I'm trans and super disabled.
Recently it's gotten bad to the point that I can't leave bed.
My ma and I have had to use our very meagre savings on trying to get things set up, but we're already dry and still need some stuff (like travel mugs for drinking, better curtains to block out the light, a fan, ideally a laptop or decent tablet, because we only have one computer and it's in my room and hard to share)
My paypal is
Any help is appreciated, thank


me: I should sleep
also me: but first lemme finish this half liter of high-caffeine coke

no context SMM2 

"Is that a Lakitu throwing Hammer Bros?"

why is this network a /16, how many devices do they expect

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Hotel wifi is great I can see someone's iPad, a Huawei and a Samsung phone

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