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why is catheter one of the most cw'd terms on .social. whats going on over there

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doing some research

does anyone know about these "emoji"?

so the consequences of that research paper would in practice be an AI that automatically filters content such as *squints at word cloud* cauliflower and cheesesteak

aww yeah, when you activate Star Fox' ult in Starlink it plays his theme

I'm playing Starlink: Battle for Atlas and it's super funny how the Starfox scenes are just tacked onto the main story

good news: I finished my Palm Pre emojo: :palmpre:

feel free to copy it
(reposting because I made it square)

custom emojos really are too small for this kinda detail, ah well

time for sleep
glad I stayed up for Link's Awakening (pun unintended)

new Link's Awakening category: read all the books out loud, in a language you don't understand before beating the game

smdh i read a ton of books in German and no one ever gave me money for it

I improved the Arwing a little (afaik the game can actually read this!)

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