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My Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon now has an easy-to-remember URL: ! (Right now it just points to the Github page, but I'm planning on making it a proper website with, you know, styling and all that, at some point.)

If you wanna upscale images like Animal Crossing does this implements the algorithm it's most likely using:
(Mac/ Windows/ Linux binaries)

There's also reference implementations for a number of emulators in the same Sourceforge, so that's cool


While you're in there please wishlist Frog Fractions: Game Of The Decade Edition on Steam! It helps convince our robot masters that people care about this game.

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Also on Itch we've allocated some free "community copies" for anyone experiencing financial hardship. Grab one if you need one.

Here's how you do that if you want to set up your game the same way:

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covid adjacent 

so for a few days now I've been having issues with watch time not being tracked on YouTube videos i.e videos will just show as being started but no progress made. Not ideal.

Turns out YouTube has switched the API end point to this to and the EasyPrivacy filter list in uBlock Origin was blocking that specific endpoint (why?)

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: SEASON 1 is COMPLETELY FREE for the next 48 hours!!! Gay disasters beating up neonazis in giant robots made of meat!

🍖 Pilot mechs!
🍖 Fight your clone!
🍖 Run from the cops!
🍖 Fall in love????

covid–19 confinement joke 

Crossniq+ is 0,80€ on Steam so it's probably around a dollar in the US? I'm too lazy to check but it's a cool game with a really sweet aesthetic maybe check it out it's also on the Switch (US only for now)

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replace all the slots reserved for olympics on tv with marblelympics imo

covid stuck-at-home musings 

COVID-19/Coronavirus, Capitalism 

we need some kind of signifier for "this email is just a receipt" so I can filter them into a separate folder

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