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It worked very well as an upgrade for Mutant Standard smilies and I think it's also a big improvement in commission emoji too.

More examples feat.

Just found out that there's exactly two pictures on Jeff Gerstmann's and… just look at them

(cw eye contact)

hello! i am now taking commissions for freelance video editing work

i have ten years of experience

if you've ever seen that "CYBERPUNK IS NOW" video, i'm the one who made that

you can view my portfolio at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

boosts much appreciated for obvious reasons!!! :boost_ok:

:blacker_heart: :black_sparkles:

commit message: Felt smart, might revert later

the navigation app+music controls one is the only one that kinda makes sense

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tried to do that yesterday while biking and there were so few signs for the official state bike paths

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it's wild that there was a Before Time where you couldn't just pull up a map of wherever you were standing, where you had to actually navigate by signs

Wir haben in der Schule seit neuestem ein Schulportal - das heißt es wird einer Firma Geld bezahlt, um ein ucs mit allerhand tollem Zeug wie einem alten Webserver der http nicht auf https weiterleitet sondern lieber Fehler wirft und einem Mailserver der Emails ohne Authentifizierung im Namen von jeder Adresse die man so will verschickt einzurichten... Das muss diese Digitalisierung sein von der immer alle reden

begpost, asking for help 

Really sorry to make another one of these but i'm -£90 in paypal right now and we rely on paypal for money from commissions so we can buy food and such

If anyone can help us out I'm doing icon commissions again for £10, or if anyone can spare anything or just a boost would be awesome

because the price it's at right now is ridiculous but also… it looks like a really nice small foldable tablet? You can read books on it while holding it like a book? You can prop it up like a tiny laptop

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I wonder how long it'll be until the Surface Duo can be bought used for a realistic price

hey anyone in the fedi from new zealand

i need someone who can like. get me a very small blind bag plush sloth that is not available in the USA

pls boost help me find a kiwi

Doom 64 final screen 

play Doom 64, the remaster is fantastic

Doom 64 final boss 

How to beat mother demon? Grab the BFG and get up close, apparently :D

I've actually used the N-Gage as a phone, since it's Symbian it still works beautifully. The others should work but I've used a Prē where the phone app crashed half the time when receiving a call. Didn't try the Xperia yet because I've mostly tried to make it work despite not being able to use 2/3 of the touchscreen

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apparently there's a new vtuber shark girl huh

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