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and like, sure, even cheaper TVs are 4K now but they're not necessarily gonna be large? Not everyone has a massive home theater setup for gaming, some people don't wanna game on their main TV…

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Hoo boy they really want you to buy a giant 4K TV to run the PS5 UI, huh
Kinda feels like the PS3/Xbox 360 coming with analog cables but looking like shit on SDTV

like, I can just take my phone from my pocket, type "level 5 ratchet clank rift apart walkthrough" and I'll be able to choose between five different videos

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wtf, the PS5 will have walkthrough videos, but you need PS Plus for it? Youtube is free

it's just very no-frills and I like that there's a not-totally-black variant

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The Pixel 5 is really pretty in a kind of understated way

asking for money, eviction notice, boosts appreciated 

yeah so I'm about to lose my home

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these are adorable but if I'm buying a "classic mini" console I'd really like to be able to see the games

I genuinely wanna know why they keep giving this guy video game licenses though

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this toot inspired by: the Trailer for the Monster Hunter movie looks like it's gonna be a good time. I don't know what the story of the Monster Hunter games is and neither does Paul W.S. Anderson

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Paul W.S. Anderson is just the wife guy with the biggest budget

sometimes I come across a product where I ask myself "who would want this" and then I'm like "fuck, I want it" (cw for sex-related words I guess)

I swear every time I look at it Dropbox's interface has gotten worse

they should make a gadget that reminds you to charge your gadgets

Steve Minecraft's kit in Smash looks both like an elaborate joke and really fun

hot take: OLED (true black) dark themes look awful

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