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and like, why? This is a semi-professional camera and most of this is stuff I can do faster and easier in Snapseed on my phone?

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kinda wanna bathe in a tub of alcohol after this

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my ears hurt and my nose itches, 15 mins to go

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you could sum up a lot of my political stance as "invest a fuckton in public infrastructure"

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first time I take the train back home since like two years ago and there's a 20 mins delay

getting jokerfied by seeing how many asshats can't pull their masks over their noses

it's a lot of docker containers and stuff which might just be too much for its 512MB of RAM

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tried to set up on my old B for my dad but now the pi doesn't respond over ssh anymore, I wonder what happened there

I like how when there's no room for the ringer switch on the Android 12 it expands to the side and looks real funky

oh, Panic sent me an email apologizing for the issues with international playdate orders, that's nice of them

shork booped
shork booped

in case you missed it: I made a little SVG "game" that lets you change the colours of two cartoon drawings

(link in thread)

me: ah dang why is git rebase coming up with so many conflicts
also me: is trying to rebase the wrong things

my parents' neighbor is burning garden trash in an incredibly unsafe way (plus it stinks) and he definitely doesn't have a permit

shork booped

If there is anyone in Washington state that I can move in with please msg me! :boost_ok:

okay PS5 exclusives are gonna be mostly sequels of successful PS4 games now I guess?

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