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feeling like deleting a lot of apps rn bc all they do is make me feel bad and lonely

present company excluded

ooh, finally a Cider explainer from my favorite food explainer

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re: sandwich: *more sauces than just pickle relish, I put mushrooms and all the veggies on it, there was plenty of those but it was still not that great

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jerk fries: sufficiently spicy
milkshake: quite nice
veggie sandwich with cheese: soggy bun, maybe I should've chosen more than just pickle relish? idk, also why aluminium foil instead of paper

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shork booped

suing microsoft for false advertising when they shut down the halo infinite servers however many years from now

fast food 

hmm, we have a five guys here now

props to Tom Scott for not posting this video without giving proper context because it's super interesting but also it's inhaling radioactive gas for medical reasons without good evidence that it works

how do Gamersnexus consistently find awful prebuilts, surely they're not all that bad haha…

there's also some details like these dirty? bloody? fingerprints on the buttons

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have I shown off this Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller yet? I wanted it since the game came out, finally got it from ebay a year or so ago. The gashes are actually lasercut into the surface, making it a very unique special edition


just oven-roasted some small potatoes with some kind of sweet onion and a bit of garlic, then added some shiitakes I picked up yesterday on a whim and dang that was good

shork booped

hope they let people throw Pokéballs at him

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this jacket is so good, totally worth grinding for half an hour

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