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I saw headlights in a trailer and was like "yeah that'd be cool but that's probably just for the trailer

nnnope, it's in the game!

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ooo mini motorways added a night mode with headlights! and it syncs with the Switch version so I'm really tempted to double-dip

Wordle 327 4/6*




the names are extremely good though

  • Achievement Unlocked
  • Can't CTRL Me
  • Heart and Con-soul
  • N00Berry
  • Pixel Dust
  • Quest for Quartz
  • Racing For Pinks
  • Sage Simulation
  • Suzi is My Avatar
  • The Pass is Always Greener
  • Trading Paint

and my personal favorite

  • You Had Me at Halo
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there's Xbox nail polish now and you get a Halo skin when you buy one because sure

Xbox 360 controllers also support those battery packs but afaik you have to charge those with a proprietary connector in the controller? wow that sounds annoying. This way I just pop in a fresh pair of batteries and I'm on my way

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like, I bought a wireless Xbox 360 controller and all I needed to get it to work was one of those battery holders. Just works, lasts forever. The Steam Controller has the batteries in the grips which is nice (it doesn't have vibration motors anyways). My Minidisc player lasts days off of a single AA. It's just so convenient

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there's a type of person who always complains about AAA or AA batteries in a device because I guess they don't know those come as rechargeables? but when I use old tech with a shot battery I would give a lot if I could just pop in some of my rechargeables and they'd work perfectly…

ah, seems like the CFW install was broken, I reinstalled it and it's fine now

battery is still shot but eh, it's not an original

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when it loads stuff from the memory card the screen glitches around as if it's not getting enough power or sth? and it doesn't boot off the battery anymore

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looks pretty decent, software will make or break it. Seems like it has a four-pin connector on the back

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first look at Wear OS 3, looks pretty sleek, deep integration with fitbit (who would've thought!)

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