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Sonic Boom

Alexander Finalfantasy 🤝 Sonic CD intro

gonna be a fun game to guess who likes this for the name and who for the fact that it's Newton software

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had the phrase "railed in a sundress" stuck in my head for about a week now

hats off to sadfutago for perfectly building up to whatever this is

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check the nier subreddit if you wanna see a community absolutely lose their minds

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welp now I'm obliged to create a TUI system monitor just so I can call it Vers

git rebase -i $(git merge-base main $(git branch --show-current))

to clean up the current branch's git history before opening a PR (replace main with your base branch's name if you need to)

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Ich wiederhole mich sehr, sehr gerne: Streiks wirken.

dunno how the feel is on these, I think they improved their switches? but I'm eyeing that wrist rest

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