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got my Steam Deck email, just waiting for my order to go through because they seem to have underestimated how the increase in production would impact the server load :D

Splatoon 3 

it makes me happy that Calamari Inkantation has been in every single boss fight so far

Need financial help/mutual aid, please boost 

Hi! Sorry for doing one of those again, I know I shouldn’t feel bad but I really don’t like it, I know it’s only been a few weeks. I’ve gotten just enough last time to cover rent so that’s the most important, but I’m running low on funds right now to buy food for me and my boyfriend. I work full-time but since it’s an apprenticeship, I am paid just below minimum wage.

My electricity bill just tripled, I should’ve switched providers but apparently I messed up some administrative forms and the new contract is not into effect. The bill from my old provider just got debited from my bank account and I’m overdrafted.

I need 60€ to fill up my overdraft and 100€ or more on top of that would help us keep up with food until I get paid in 1 or 2 weeks.

Any amount would help reach that goal would be great, so consider donating!

You can donate through PayPal or Stripe (card) on my Ko-Fi:
I prefer PayPal because the money reaches me instantly, but use what’s most convenient to you.

Even if you don’t donate because you can’t or don’t want to, a boost helps a lot! So please consider doing that.

Thank you.

hm, they improved the VS Code merge editor but I still can't understand it xD

the best thing about summer being over is I can use my thick duvet again

Jerma playing BotW without knowing anything about the game is amazing

you can watch him learn in real time

Realization: the main utility of blockchain tech is that it presents an irrefutable argument for a wealth tax. If there’s enough bored money rattling around out there to fund obviously negative-sum nonsense like this, we can as a society choose to spend that money on public education, health care and clean running water instead.

free Splatoon 3 splatfest ideas based on lobby posts 

lesbian / gay / bisexual
splatnet printer / high effort drawing / stick figure
amogus / sans / jerma
nice post about your own team / dunk on the other team / shitpost

and if you really wanna start a war:
squid sisters / off the hook / deep cut

FFXIV Endwalker 

*stands in a house with a giant door wide open* BIT COLD INNIT

I do wonder if it'd been faster to just wire my PC's power switch to my Pi's GPIO

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I now have a button that shuts down my computer in Home Assistant. The one that starts it is way easier because it's just sending a wake-on-LAN magic packet

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oh god this is a permissions issue isn't it? I have no idea how to fix it then

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I don't appreciate enough how easy this is in Linux… I literally just wanna be able to shut down the computer and check if it's on via the local network

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it can't be that hard to set up sshd with publickey-auth on Windows, right? I've literally done it before? why is it refusing to work now

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