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time for the gears to be pronounced guilty

how dare Arctic discontinue MX-5 and then not make MX-6 available anywhere?

it's hilarious that everyone's sharing the user count from an instance called ""
it's the same user count bot but still

when will CSS have a media query for round (smartwatch) displays

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I'm not making an account on a thing that only has an app because it's a pita to put it in Firefox's password manager

also I already have too many apps

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thrown for a loop how so many big tech company people are trying out mastodon for the first time these past two weeks and have post histories that read:

"ok gonna give this a try, this is weird and i dont like it"

"im not happy about this but im forced to admit im enjoying this its a breath of fresh air"

"im starting to realise how much twitter was destroying my ability to interact with people"

"ok heres my twelve toot plan on how mastodon should introduce algorithms and become twitter 2"

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Mass Shooting At Drag Show 

Club Q has asked that donations be given to Colorado Healing.

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also not every post is in a language. For example:
"Hi :trans_heart:​ 👋"
It can be understand in multiple languages and i am not sure when i wrote it, if that post is in english or german.
It also raises the question: which language have emoji only posts.
Like for example
"💩" in reply to a picture. It can be kinda universially understood but mastodon requires me to set a language for it.

Also what is with all meowing catbeings here. In which language is your miau, meow, mew?
What is with a post only out of "UwU" or "OwO"

What is with "Selfie" followed by a selfie?

In my opinion it is complicated and also very cool to think about when a written down thing is in what langue. And mastodon language feature is to simple.

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not looking forward to having to set up a Facebook crossposter for Switch▶️Mastodon when Twitter folds

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if anyone wonders how the fediverse works, just show 'em this!

the comic wasn't actually made with the fediverse in mind but this is essentially how it works i believe.

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re: food, vegan 

yes I should clean my kitchen, the issue is that it gets dirty again automatically

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food, vegan 

soup season! my local Rewe has these packets of assorted soup greens and it's just a great way to get myself to cook a hearty meal. Added some vegan fake salami and a can of tomatoes because I felt like it 🤤

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If you want an example of exactly how NOT to do content moderation issues, this is it:

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My post about using my Switch for remote work this week on cohost exploded with over 100 notifications when I checked in the next day.

Probably easier for me to just link to this, which has the og post and the follow-up post with some bad phone shakycam demonstrating the Switch docked and undocked running Linux:

Was in fact better doing work on the Switch than my laptop with the same setup (i.e. at my desk, plugged in to monitor and mouse and such), but yeah...

...hoping I can get my desktop fixed tomorrow, as I have the parts I need as of today (unless anything else is broken I've not identified).

And I have next week off-work if it turns out the PC is still broken, so I should still have time to fix it and not have to use my switch as my primary work/dev machine again ^_^;

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