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I argue we (#curl) should NOT pay docker. Not give in to extortion. This might mean that someone else soon suddenly will register our name and can serve whatever image they want there. 5 *billion* pulls indicate there's a user or two that might fall victim for this.

That's on docker, not us.

the wiimote+nunchuk combo is the perfect control scheme, don't @ me

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Posting unlisted so it can be boosted. (And turning off replies, sorry...)

Got a Wii LAN adapter from eBay, looking back it's wild that this console shipped with just wireless back when WLAN was just starting to catch on. Meanwhile the newest Switch comes with a LAN port as a feature…

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only 17% left to make this open hardware mini laptop (with cellular modem support) a reality:

thank you so much for supporting and spreading the word!

have a really good explanation of how a MEMS device works, this is so cool

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Trying out #OpenChatKit, an open source alternative to #ChatGPT. So far it's off to a great start in proving it can be just as useful as the other AI chatbots.

new emoji add some important features to unicode, like smoosh and vibrating face:
or trans-flag-colored hearts:

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haven't seen anyone upload the can't close the gate freestyle yet :acab:

there should be a phpBB forum just for the purposes of roleplaying some good ol' forum drama

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I don't know if it's that great from a practical perspective but having a big [User was banned for this post] indicator is great for comedic effect

the Doom 2016 soundtrack still goes so hard

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Wir suchen bei den @ubernauten eine Softwareentwicklerin und ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn es diesmal wirklich eine Frau wird. Wenn du also denkst die Stelle könnte irgendwie auf dich passen, du aber Fragen oder Zweifel hast: Schreib mir gerne deine Fragen und ich versuche sie zu beantworten. Alternativ auch einfach an die Mail Adresse in der Jobanzeige. Ich freue mich schon!

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I have had to continue my studies, sign up for a new school year, which has also meant a whole new visa process and paying for paperwork to be filed.

Also, my accommodation is not as stable as I initially thought & now have to leave in two weeks.

I still need help as I have not been able to keep up with the mounting bills.

Thank you so much for sharing and boosting, all the help is greatly appreciated!

#GFM #mutualaid

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